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Mage KeyboardI struggled with playing a mage. I struggled because I thought I knew my play style. I had always considered myself as a survival focused DPS player that slowly ground mobs down. So Frost was the obvious spec for me to play. Then everyone began squawking that Arcane was the best DPS class…as I’d never really gelled with Frost I thought: meh, why not.

I found I was actually much better suited to burning them down quick rather than controlling with a slowing and freezing tool set and slowly wearing them away. I threw myself into the new approach.

Bearing down on level 80 and having been forced to re-spec by 4.0.1 I thought this is a good time to do some research and learn something about how Arcane should be played. I was staggered by what I was reading. As long as mana was not an issue spamming Arcane Blast was the way to go. Casting anything else was a net DPS loss

Wow, well Arcane Blast must be a heavy duty mana burner. I wouldn’t be able to charge through an instance and concentrate heavily on casting one spell…could I?

I re-specced to Fire: I found this metre topping, single button wonder so intensely boring. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of Arcane mages around triumphantly spamming /party with DPS metre output…”OK you do do the highest DPS, you won that game, but we are all dead and it’s mostly because you play like a retard.”

It might be tempting to recommend Arcane mage as something a WoW novice could play, but think for a moment. If this player gets to 85 and wants to raid they’re going to be in for a shock. Boss fights are going to last longer than their mana, they are going to spend half the fight Evocating and they’re going to go tumbling down the metre. They simply are not going to know how to play their class.

I’ve always seen 5 man instances as a preparation for raiding and not just in terms of gear. It’s where you should learn how to DPS and not over aggro (arf!), not line of sight healers, polish your rotation and learn what to do when things are going wrong. Arcane mages are going to start raiding and feel like an FPS player entering an RPG for the first time.

A good Arcane mage is going to become like a good hunter: a truly wondrous but very, very rare thing.

EPIC fail2 AM, Violet Hold, normal. A group of four spawns in front of Voidy boss. There is no point asking where is the tank, he’s as far away from the action as possible, again! Mage takes the initiative, well you have to when it’s clear you’re the only one who knows his arse from his elbow…

[Amtty-Bloodhoof] lol you ran in
[Juta] Got all the mobs and organised them, marshaling them into a group. Watch and fucking learn.

Whoah…it’s OK, the meds are kickin’ in now.

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