If you’ve followed The Basics all the way through to death you’re probably level 2 or 3 and expecting me to hand hold you through the next set of quests. Well now I’m going to disappoint you. I’m going to pull back and let you find you way between certain milestones, how you fill up the in between time is entirely up to you. Freedom is built into World of Warcraft. It can be relatively linear, point to point to point, following quests through, one after another. Or you can skip quests, don’t Accept or Abandon them, and go somewhere else entirely. See Exploring below.

I would suggest you continue to pick up all the quests in Deathknell (the Undead starter area). These quests are simple and pitched to a character of level 1 – 4 and they also try to help you develop your knowledge of your class play style. This list of quests, that are all connected one (or more) opening up after completing one, is called a chain. A Quest Chain.

Thumbnail advice for the Deathknell quest chain and rewards.

You’ve already done The Shadow Grave; The Wakening; Those That Couldn’t Be Saved; and should have or have done Beyond the Graves. Keep questing and follow the chain. Next is Recruitment and take Short Duskbat Cape as your reward; Shadow Priest Sarvis; Scourge on our Perimeter take Scavenger’s Tunic; at this point you will receive a class specific quest which seeks to introduce you to your new hunter skill Steady Shot. You’ll find the ‘target dummies’ to the left of the Church, the Shadow Grave side. Novice Elreth will start a new chain for you with: The Truth of the Grave; The Executor In the Field; The Damned take Old Leather Belt.

Level 4 Hunter skill TrackingTracking BeastsYou’re now level 4 and have learned a new skill Tracking, turn this on by clicking the Maginfying Glass icon on the left side of the Mini-map. Select Hunter Tracking and make sure a tick appears next to track beasts when you click it. Little yellow dots will appear all over your Mini-map indicating the location of beasts. Move towards Nightweb’s Hollow your next quest location and by mousing over these nodes you will see Young Night Web Spiders appear as you get closer.

Night Web’s Hollow rewards a new weapon Night Web Crossbow. For No better than Zombies you Ttacking Humanoidsshould choose Forsaken Bastard Sword (the most valuable item) as none of the others are useful to hunters.

Assault on the Rotbrain Encampment requires you to kill 8 Rotbrain undead and one of the people you spoke to in The Wakening: Marshal Redpath. Before you head off to the Rotbrain Encampment try turning on tracking of Humanoids. Notice when you’re at the Encampment that Marshal Redpath (a named quest mob) is marked on the Mini-map with a skull. The red dots you can see on the Mini-map are hostile Humanoids, the green ones are your Forsaken comrades. Again no gear appropriate for a hunter so pick the most valuable: Executor Staff.

You’re now level 5. At this point Sarvis will send you with Vital Intellience to deliver to Deathguard Simmer at the Calston Estate. Follow your quest chain and meet me there.

The Calston Estate.

Ah, you made it. Great. First things first: hand in your quest and pick up the three new ones from here: Reaping the Reapers; Fields of Grief; and Ever so Lonely. What do you mean you only have two? Did you go upstairs for Ever so Lonely from Sedrick Calston? Right, you now have your three quests. Forget about them and let’s have a poke around in your bags.


A full bag.General & Trade SuppliesEverything you looted (and you LOOT EVERTHING of course, don’t you) went into your bag. It’s probably full now like mine is. This is a problem, you want to loot everything so you can sell whatever you don’t want to make some money. If you run out of bag space you’ll have to leave crap precious items behind that you could sell for  a few stinking copper precious gold. Players often talk about vendor trash: items that are of no or so little value that you might as well just vendor it, here to vendor means to sell the item to a vendor.

To sell your vendor trash you’ll first need to find a Vendor, they buy and sell goods and they’re dotted around the world usually, as you might expect, they appear in clusters in towns. Fortunately for you, just outside the house where you picked up your three new quests is a vendor. A General & Trade Supplies Vendor called Franklin Brinklestein (no REALLY).

Vendor windowChat to him (left or right click) to open a window showing his goods. Well, we really need more bag space. Much as we’d like the extra 8 slots of the Brown Leather Satchel we can’t afford it so the 6 slot Small Brown Pouch will have to do. Right click on it and where a purchased item would normally go straight into your Backpack notice that this item is immediately equipped on our bag bar (just as well as our bag is full).  You’ll have noticed the bag I’ve pictured here is a Small Red Pouch, this was actually A new bag in slot.a random drop from a mob in Deathknell. Lucky me…I still bought another off Brinklestein, you can never have too much bag space.

We can reorganise this mess. Don’t move your Hearthstone but do click, drag and drop all your armour quest rewards to slots at the top of the bag. Move the Flax Gloves; Roamer’s Leggings; Night Web Crossbow etc., so you don’t sell them by mistake. For all the other items including the Forsaken Bastard Sword and the Executor Staff right click them all. They disappear from you bags as they are sold to Brinklestein. Notice that your money will increase as you sell items. Don’t worry if you did manage to sell a piece of your new armour to Brinklestein, he’ll happily sell you it back. Click on the Buyback tab at the bottom of his vendor window and yoVendor window Buyback tab.u’ll see all the items you sold to him. Simply right click the item to buy it back (you do buy it back as he takes away the money he gave you for it automatically).


Character Pane expandedOCharacter Info buttonpen your Character Info window: press C or click the button on the Actionbar. You are currently wearing three pieces of gear. Rugged Trapper’s Vest, Pants and Boots. Click the expand button Expand and show more.to show you character’s statistics and scroll all the way to the bottom until you can see Defense. Your armour is 33.

To equip (wear) the gear you got as quest rewards, open your bag and right click the items. They will appear on your character, in the Character Info window. Occasionally a mob you’ve killed will drop gear, if you have nothing like it already, say bracers (wrist armour) or a helmet, put it on immediately. All gear has an armour rating, more armour makes you more resistant to the attacks of mobs. This will help you live longer, if you get a better weapon, or get more powerful as you level up, mobs will die quicker. This is your goal: mobs die quicker – you live long. Your armour should now be 95 and your char should look like this (see, bellow. Notice that I took the Flax Belt, as a reward from Recruitment, by mistake so I have no cloak!)

When you’re sure you have the new gear equipped you can sell the old stuff you just took off.

Now with new improved armour!

If you already have an item in the Character Info pane ‘slot’, say you found a new pair of boots, you’ll need to evaluate which is better. At this very low level only two factors come into play. 1) Which has the higher armour value? Higher is better. 2) What armour type is the gear? Most of the initial drops will be like your Rugged Trapper gear made from cloth or leather like your new belt, you want to equip leather where possible.

After level 40 you will specialise with your gear. Rogues and Druids are looking for leather, while Warriors and Paladins wear plate. The best armour for hunters is mail.

Cloth is far better than nothing and with two lowly pieces of cloth gear the one with the higher armour is better. Gear is very important as you level, you will need better gear to continue to progress and better quality gear will increase other character statistics (stats), some of which are important to you and some that are not. Much more on stats and how to work out what is important to you later. Always check drops and quest rewards for improved gear (upgrades) and equip them immediately.

Until you reach level 40 look for decent leather drops and quest rewards.

Gear Quality.

There are six levels of gear quality. Basically any object with a name label coloured grey is trash, ‘vendor trash’. Sell it to a vendor (don’t equip any greys, they’re rubbish). Poor quality, but useful, items are white. Green labelled gear is of uncommon quality, look out for this stuff early in the game, greens are good. Rare gear is labelled blue and you’ll sometimes find blue quest rewards but 5 man, instance dungeon, boss loot is generally blue. Blue gear is great. Purple gear is Epic. Usually the main source of Epic gear is raiding or Valour points (much more later). Raiding involves ten or twenty five people entering an instance together and cooperating to kill the enemies. Epic gear is a big deal. Oh and there is orange or Legendary gear. I’ve seen Legendaries a couple of times and never owned one yet. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see any orange gear. It’ll be some time until you get your first blue. Players often talk about gear in colour terms. Greens and blues. Green gear is uncommon notice, not lower quality than rarer blues. Do not be surprised if you find greens that are better than blues, especially if the item level of the green is higher. You see: gear has a level too.

Now your quest will take you away from Calston and the relative safety of Deathknell, out into the big wide world. A world packed with enemies and creatures that will attack you sight (with Red Nameplates). Try to stick to the road and avoid aggro-ing anything as you make your way to where you need to go. Or maximise your XP by plotting the most direct route possible, regardless of the road, and killing everything that gets in your way. The choice is yours.

Aggro and threat.

Bringing a friend

This one brought a friend.

As you explore the world you’ll discover mobs have a range within which they will ‘aggro’ and attack you. Outside this ‘aggro range’ it’s as if they are unconcerned or don’t notice you. When they are a higher level than you this range is larger, you’ll need to give them a much wider berth if you want to avoid aggro-ing them. If you are a higher level you can be more casual and can get quite close without making them attack you.

When doing the next set of quests, in particular Reaping the Reapers and The Scarlet Palisade notice that the Tirisfal Farmers and Scarlet Warriors are Red mobs. If you stray to close they’ll attack you. You will also find that if you attack one mob when it is close to another the shout they give out on being attacked will be be heard by the second who will join the first in the attack.

Once you’ve aggro-ed a mob (or two) you can either kill or flee. Be warned, if you opt to flee the mob(s) may chase you a long way. If someone else sees you fleeing they might chose to take the mob off your hands. To do this they’ll need to get the aggro off you. If you haven’t attacked the mob (and made it more angry and built up some ‘threat‘) then all the other player usually needs to do is simply attack the mob. If you fought the mob then ran, deciding that if you didn’t it was going to kill you, you may have generated a lot of threat. The other player would need to attack several times to get more ‘threat’ with that mob than you have. A mob will always attack the player with the most threat.

This is a central game mechanic, in groups one player is often given the job of generating threat and keeping a mob attacking her. The other players in the group try to kill the mob without overtaking the threat of the first player (and getting attacked themselves). The masochist in the group is the called the Tank. The tank is paid to aggro everything and generate lots of threat, so no one else is attacked, and take an absolute battering for everyone else. Usually another group member is designated a healer. On a good day the healer should only be healing the tank. The only player in the group getting hit should be the tank. This is why threat and not aggro-ing mobs in a group is important. Unless you’re the unlucky tank (Hunters are not designed as tanks). Much more on this later.

Using provided Quest items.

Quest item in Objectives

A Scarlet Letter

You’re going to have some fun at the seashore doing Ever So Lonely. Sedrick provided you with a Murloc Leash to help capture the pet murloc. You won’t be able to use this item on the murloc you select until it’s wounded. Heavily wounded. You’ll need to reduce it’s health to under 25% then lease him…with you or your pet killing him. I suggest hitting him with one Arcane Shot then letting you pet reduce his health slowly. If you check the objectives under the Mini-map you’ll see the Murloc Leash icon next to the Ever So Lonely objective. When the murlocs health is reduced to under a third keep clicking this icon until you leash the murloc and part one of the quest, Vile Fin Captured, is complete. Then run back to the Caltson Estate and the stairs to Sedrick with your ‘prisoner’.

At some part during The Scarlet Palisade you will probably find a letter with a yellow exclamation mark on it in your bag. I actually got mine killing a Scarlet Warrior to get down to the Murloc beach for Ever So Lonely. Opening this item begins a quest so we might as well do that one too.

Linen ClothStringy Wolf MeatSee you back at the Calston Estate when you’re all done. When you come to vendor your trash make sure you keep any Linen Cloth that the humans you killed may have dropped. Humanoid mobs often drop cloth and it’s always a good idea to hold on to it. If you encounter any Darkhounds on your travels keep any Stringy Wolf Meat that you might’ve looted too.

A Pumpkin Bag.

Take a deep breath.Keep questing and Apothecary Johaan will give you Variety is the Spice of Death to do. Behind the Calston Estate to the east is Stillwater Pond. If you wade out into the water you will find the Marrowpetal Johaan wants. When you’re under water you’ll notice your Breath at the top centre of the screen. Not surprisingly, if your Breath Pumpkin Bagruns out you will drown. You’ll need to go back to the Murloc beach to get Sea Cucumbers in the shallows, don’t drown collecting all 8 in one go, just back from the beach and around near the Scarlet Palisade you’ll find plenty of Xavren’s Thorns too. The best thing about this quest is the reward: another bag.


You should be level 6 and Gordo wants you to collect some Doom Weed for him and take it to Brill. Or you could do something else. No one is forcing you to complete each quest…it is not impossible to progress through the game without questing. Questing is, however, the most efficient and rapid way of accumulating XP and levelling up your character. While you have a quest that asks you to go to Brill it doesn’t state when you have to go. If you’re interested in what is over the next hill go and find out. Exploring actually rewards XP. Every time you discover somewhere new Discovered: That Location will appear on your screen, That Location being the actual name of the place.

If you open your map now, you will see that most of it is a dull brown colour, these are the areas that are unknown to you, the green populated areas (like Deathknell and the Calston Estate) are places you have already discovered. When you discover somewhere new more of this map is uncovered.This is the map of Tirisfal Glades if you pass beyond the borders of Tirisfal into one of the bordering regions: Silverpine Forest; Hillsbrad Foothills or the Western Plaguelands you will find a new blank map to discover. As Tirisfal is a starter region you can be sure that all the regions that border it will contain mobs of a higher level than you are, maybe much, much higher. That makes exploring there dangerous, you may die a lot, but not impossible.

You are free to take a break from questing and ramble around the world exploring and perhaps fighting random mobs. You will level up slowly (and from random loot drops improve your gear marginally). I recommend you explore as much as you find it fun, then come back and do some more quests, as quests are the most efficient way to gain XP and level, additionally questing will slowly move you around the map. We’ve already explored from Deathknell to the Calston Estate. We discovered Stillwater Pond, the Solliden Farmstead and the Scarlet Palisade. So whatever path you select to get there, in a long rambling route discovering new areas of the map, or the direct route straight down the road, I will see you in Brill.

What we learned:

Vendors buy all our unwanted items and sell useful stuff.
Vendor Trash describes gear too poor to do anything with other than vendor.
Equip any armour that drops if you currently have nothing in that slot.
Equip any weapons that drop if they are better for you.
Good quality gear boosts other stats that enhance character power.
Gear comes in six levels of availability;

Grey, White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange

Trash, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary

A mob will always attack the player with the most threat. You generate threat with your attacks.
Mobs have an “aggro range” unless we want a fight we should skirt around it.
Attacking a mob close to another may result in ‘pulling’ them both.
Items that drop off mobs or found in the environment can begin quests.
Stay under water too long and you’ll drown.
Discovering new place rewards a little XP.

When you get to the newly fortified Tirisfal village of Brill we’ll begin Opening Up Your World.