AFK – Away From Keyboard. Player is not control char atm.


1. To aggro is to trigger mobs to attack this is cause by either moving into their aggro range, attacking them or triggering so event mechanic.

2. To have aggro is to be the person currently with the highest threat. The person being attacked.

3. Taking or stealing aggro. Generating more threat that the currently aggro-ed person and then having aggro yourself.

  • A tank can take aggro off a DPS or Healer char. This can happen by taunting or simply generating a lot of threat.
  • A healer may “pull aggro” with a high amount of healing.
  • A DPS can steal aggro off a tank by doing massive, ill considered damage. The job of a DPS is to do as much damaage as possible without ‘over aggro-ing’.

ATM – [Acronym] At The Moment.

Antoran WastesLegion zone on Argus.

ArgusLegion area, home-world of the Burning Legion, containing three zones..

Azeroth – the world in World of Warcraft.

AzsunaLegion zone on the Broken Isles.

BRB – [Acronym] Be right back. Entered in chat to indicate player needs to go AFK, but will return shortly.

Broken Isles – new continent for the Legion expansion.

Borken ShoreLegion zone on the Broken Isles.

CataCataclysm (third) Warcraft expansion, also all content appropriate to this expansion.

Char – a player character

Corpse run – travelling from Spirit Healer to corpse to rez.

Critter – very low level creatures wandering around providing set decoration.

DalaDalaran, capital of Northrend, in the Crystalsong Forest. Move to the Broken Isle during Legion.

Ding – to level up. Sound made by players (or typed into chat) to indicate having levelled.

Dodge [redundant] – character stat [removed in patch 6.0.2] utilised by tanks to avoid taking damage.

DoT – Damage over Time spell ability.

DPS [Acronym]

[verb] damage per second. Literally the amount of damage done.

[noun] The DPS is the member(s) of a group tasked, not with healing and tanking, but just doing damage and killing the opposition.

Draenor – the none Azerothian continent available to players within the Warcraft environment. Draenor is reached by passing through the corrupted Dark Portal in the Eastern Kingdoms. It is located on an alternate time-line before the events that lead to the destruction of Draenor and the genesis of Outland.

Drop – the random loot mobs give when looted.

Faction – side, either Horde or Alliance.

FFS – [Acronym] expression of disgust and irritation.

Farm Night – raid night on which bosses (earlier in a raid tier) said to be “on farm” are defeated. A farm night will be followed by a “progress night”.

Guild – formal group of Warcraft gamers. Guilds are created in game by a Guild Master and have certain in game perk including but not limited to a bank, instant player to player mail, faster mount speed, mass resurrection spell for all members.

Hand In – complete a quest.

Hit Cap [redundant] – the amount of Hit rating [removed in patch 6.0.2] required to no longer miss (against a max level raid boss). The point at which more Hit rating becomes completely valueless.

Eastern Kingdoms – The eastern continent available to players within the Azeroth environment.

Healer – party member(s) tasked only to heal. In 10 or 25 man raids a Raid Healer usually tries to heal everyone while a Tank Healer usually focuses on only the tank(s), who should be taking most of the damage.

Highmountain Legion zone on the Broken Isles.

HPS – [Acronym] heals per second. As the name suggests the healer variant of DPS.

Kalimdor – the western continent available to players within the Azeroth environment.

KrokuunLegion zone on Argus.

Legion – sixth World of Warcraft expansion, also all content appropriate to this expansion.

Level Cap – maximum level (currently 100)

Levelling – gaining experience and increasing your character’s level. Levelling unlocks new spells, talents and abilities.

LF(M)  – [Acronym] Looking For (More). Used when looking for more people to form a party.

Lock Out – when you have completed an instance and cannot re-enter. Or you are locked to raid instance with a given progress, you cannot join another raid and repeat that content. This is to prevent you from farming specific bosses multiple times within a lock out period. The Lock Out period for content varies.

  • 5 man are usually loot lock outs, you can repeat the dungeon but not receive loot, lock outs then reset daily.
  • Raid lock outs last for a week and can be extended.


[verb] Take items, often from a corpse.

[Noun] An item that was looted.

Loot Table – possible loot a mob can drop.

All loot does not have an equal chance to drop, often one particular item is very rare.

Mac’AreeLegion zone on Argus.

Mob – Single enemies or monsters, so you can have a group of mobs.

MoP – [Acronym] Mists of Pandaria (Fourth) Warcraft expansion, also all content appropriate to this expansion.

n00b – new player/bad inept player: newbie, newb, noob, nub, nublet.

Northrend – the northern, frozen continent available to players within the Azeroth environment. Made available with the WoTLK expansion.

NPC – [Acronym] Non-Player Character

On Farm – bosses in a raid that a team designates as being mastered, so nights where they tackle these bosses (usually earlier in the tier) are said to be “farm nights”.

OP – overpowered. When one class’s damage output is significantly higher than all others that class is said to be over powered.

Outland – the none Azerothian continent available to players within the Warcraft environment. Outland is reached through the portal in Undercity (and a new portal location in Orgrimmar).

Pandaria – the southern continent available to players within the Azeroth environment. Made available with the MoP expansion.

Parry [redundant] – character stat [removed in patch 6.0.2] utilised by tanks to avoid taking damage.

Progress Nights – raid nights after farm nights, when bosses on farm are passed and the team faces bosses they have not downed yet or not mastered securely enough to be designated as being on farm.

Progression, or Progression Content – advancement through new content (usually raid) defeating bosses to progress to further new content. Once progression content is mastered it is deemed to be farm content. After farm content comes progression content.

  • Progression is also erroneous describe as what hardcore raider push for and is not a priority, or not pursued at all, by casuals. This is mistaken, casual raiders place less emphasis on progression, but no one wants to consume the same content ad infinitum casual seeks progress eventually and not as their primary motivation.


[noun] – the engagement of a mob. From the moment when a mob (or group of mobs) is induced to notice the player or party and to move to where they are to attack them. Usually the mobs are pulled to a safe place where they can be fought without pulling more mobs that would overwhelm the player/party.

[verb]  – the action that initiates a pull. In a party the tank usually will pull a single mob or group and begin fighting in a safe location. Players can pull by straying to close to a mob/group. Getting a pull right is often key to successful negotiating a section of dungeon.

Reforging [redundant] – Introduced in Catacylsm, patch 4.0.1, it introduced a system for changing part of one stat, on a piece of gear, into another stat. Removed in patch 6.0.2…


  1. to resurrect after dying.
  2. to resurrect another player with a life returning spell.

RNG – [Acronym] Random Number Generation. Luck and randomness is a part of RPGs. Whether it manifest as a very unlucky critical strike taken, leaving you dead just as you thought you were winning or in randomly selecting the loot from a boss’ ‘loot table’ that you do not need for the nth time.

Roll 1. […on loot] – select either Need, Greed or Pass for drops.

The game then randomly generates a ‘roll’ from 1 to 100 for each player, the highest roll wins the loot.
Priority is given to ‘Need rolls’: a low Need roll beats a higher Greed roll.

2.  […a char] – create a character.

World of Warcraft is an RPG and based on old table top, dice games. In those days a character was created with random character statistics create by rolling dice. Warcraft is a gear based RPG, so you character develops in part by you making choice about her talents, but mostly due to the gear you have equipped. Your character’s statistics (strength, intellect, agility etc.) are applied in battle. In table top RP you would roll dice and multiplying by certain amounts based on your stats to calculate damage done, then your opponent rolled dice to calculate whether they were able to dodge, parry or mitigate all or part of that damage with their armour, modified by their stats, to calculate damage actually done. Now these calculations are carried out seamlessly in the background, by the game. Rolling a char, rolling need or greed on loot and the vagaries of RNG are still talked about in game reflecting Warcraft’s table top, dice game heritage.

RPG – [Acronym] Role Playing Game.

You adopt a character and develop that character, usually through levels of experience. As you gain higher levels of experience new skills or talents become available and your choices individualise your character and the way you play the game.

ShattShattrath, capital city of Outland, in Terrokar Forest.

Spirit Healer – the mysterious being which stands between you and final death, allowing your spirit to return to you corpse.

StormheinLegion zone on the Broken Isles.

SuramarLegion zone on the Broken Isles.

Tank – party member(s) tasked with trying to have all the mobs attack them. Usually requires appropriate gear and a tanking specification in order to maximise health, ability to mitigate damage and maintain enough threat to keep all the mobs attacking them.

TBC – [Acronym] The Burning Crusade (first) Warcraft expansion, also all content appropriate to this expansion.

Threat – in-game mechanic. Simply put whichever char is the most threatening to a given mob is the char the mob will attack. Tanks need to maintain high enough levels of threat to keep all the mobs focusing on them.

TPS – [Acronym] Threat per second. A measure of threat generated, usually, by tanks.

Val’sharahLegion zone on the Broken Isles.


1) Plain, unmodified, unadorned. For example: vanilla UI: referring to the default, unmodified Blizzard User Interface.

2) The original World of Warcraft, pre-Cataclysm 1 – 60 appropriate content. Vanilla content is not strictly accessible as the world environment was completely reworked, some zones (The Barren, Stranglethorn Vale) were split into two, other significantly changed (Tanaris, Stontalon Mountains), questing was streamlined, and inter-zone areas were redesigned to allow the use of flying mounts in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom Zones.


  1. [Noun] NPC who buys and sells goods.
  2. [Verb] to sell goods to a vendor.

Vendor Trash

  1. grey or white items suitable only to be ‘vendored’.
  2. Derogatory term for gear considered sub-standard or not up to scratch.

WoD – [Acronym] Warlords of Draenor (Fifth, and current) Warcraft expansion, also all content appropriate to this expansion.

WoTLK (Wrath) – [Acronym] Wrath of the Lich King (second) expansion, also all content appropriate to this expansion.

WTF – [Acronym] What The Fruit – expression of surprise and disbelief.

XP – experience., this is a measure of how developed your char is. Most things in game reward char’s with XP: killing mobs, three levels below and all levels above, your current level; completing quests; exploring; gathering herbs or minerals. At certain amounts of experience your character will pass up to the next level.