December 7 – Cataclysm expansion released

  • Level cap raised to 85
  • Goblin and Worgen races added
  • New level 80+ zones added
  • Tol Barad World PvP zone added
  • Archaeology secondary profession adde

December 23 – For the third time Ruta is kicked out of a guild, this time For Pwny after 14 months.

  • Shortly after our chat the For Pwny officers announced a guild merger…with Dark Wings.

The saddest day I’ve had in WoW.


January 27 – Blizzard files complaints with the online service PayPal in an effort to make payment difficult for gold sellers.

February 8 – Patch 4.0.6

  • Class balance changes (warlock class all but destroyed)

April 26 – Patch 4.1.0

  • Re-opening of Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub as level 85 heroics
  • Class design changes
  • Profession trainers filled out in capitals

June 28 – Patch 4.2.0

  • Firelands is added
  • New Molten Front daily quest zone
  • New Avengers of Hyjal faction
  • Dungeon Journal
  • The 10-day Free Trial is replaced by the new World of Warcraft Starter Edition

September 27Ruta joins Flame of Anor.

  • I was recruited for the second raid by their team leader. When I joined I had no idea that this team was intended to be the stand-ins for the proper raid team. We cleared Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight very quickly and had so much fun we decided to have a go at Firelands which the “main” team were working on. We decided our team needed a name as Team b) or 2) didn’t sound too complimentary. Some of the team loved the fact that we were raiding current content as they point blank refused to raid with the other teams raid leader, I just loved the spirit of the team and after raiding a few times with the main team liked our people more. I jokingly suggested we call the team Team Ruta and to my embarrassment and shock the name stuck. I don’t know what was going on in the main team but in Team Ruta we joked that we had the better team and we would down Ragnaros first. We not only caught them but overtook them and I got the impression that they pulled out all the stops to get the first guild kill on Raggy. Bring on Dragon Soul we said.
  • The trouble started when Kajsa decided to take a break. We ran our raid very differently to the others. We had no raid leader. We all chipped in tactics and no one called out instructions during an encounter. We used voice chat for calling out events and information during the fight and laughter, lots of laughter. With no leader everyone took responsibility for themselves and knowing the fights, where they should be and what they were doing. This actually made us a more formidable unit, we didn’t suffer if the Raid Leader was distracted or forgot to call something out, no one was waiting for someone to tell them to do something, they learned to do things when they should. When several people (including the GM) decided to take a break from the game until Mists of Pandaria came out the main team decided to merge the seventeen or so raiders into one 10 man led by whoever with mostly the main teams raiders and couple of cherry picked members of Team Ruta (like me I should point out). Team Ruta said no no no, stuff that. If you’ve lost members recruit, we can lend you raiders and alts to keep ya raid going but we’re not merging. Cue drama. We knew we had them over a barrel because they caved in almost immediately and allowed us to maintain the integrity of our team and it’s raid nights. We attended their raids and kept them going through to the Madness of Death Wing.

April 13Ruta leaves Flame of Anor and is accused of robbing out the guild bank!

  • We knew they’d settle the score and when the officers all quit the game until Mists released they left us doing heroic Dragon Soul attached to a dead guild we couldn’t recruit for or access all the guild bank tabs of. If we needed someone inviting to the guild or anything from the guild bank we could apply to Andreas the next time he was online on his alt…well thanks for that, after all we’ve contributed to your guild. I withdrew a couple of items from the non-raid stuff tabs of the bank and left the dead guild.  Only for Andreas to turn up later and accuse me of robbing the guild bank and /ragequitting. Seriously dude, I was allowed two stacks of crap per week and I took them. I left because we couldn’t recruit or get proper guild bank access how ironic you would accuse me of that. Ironic and libellous frankly, 7 months of piling into a guild bank entitles you to a couple stacks of herb and ore, doesn’t it? Apparently not.

October 21-22 – BlizzCon 2011

  • Mists of Pandaria announced

November 20 – WoW’s 7th Anniversary

    Players receive a in-game mail with Celebration Package (which was shit) attached

November 29 – Patch 4.3.0 (the beginning of the long end of WoW)

  • New and improved Raid Finder
  • Introduction of Transmogrifiers
  • New and improved Darkmoon Faire plus new zone: Darkmoon Island
  • End Time is added
  • Well of Eternity is added
  • Hour of Twilight is added
  • Dragon Soul is added


June 15Czarina Joins Kiss My Axe on Vek’nilash-EU server

The last straw for me on Dragonblight was applying to Numb to join some good friends’ from For Pwny who had opted not to merge with Dark Wings or tried it and hadn’t enjoyed it. The reason for declining my application was that I’d caused some drama in Burning Phoenix. More long memories and juvenile grudges, this despite one member actually posting in my application thread saying it was a long time ago and most of it was Burning Phoenix officer elitism. Thanks Supervibe, appreciate the attempt. People who are going to carry grudges around from the hardcore, elitist phase of the game, six years ago are simply a blight on the realm. To suggest I couldn’t or hadn’t changed after being so naive and ignorant when first joining the MMO was ridiculous and insulting. Even if true! Fresh start.

July 25Mists of Pandaria release date announced to be September 25, 2012.

August 28 – Patch 5.0.4 on live servers. Systems pre-release patch and most of the expansion all in one.

  • Account-wide achievements, mounts, and pets
  • All races available to all players
  • Area of Effect looting !!
  • BattleTag support
  • Massive class changes (because lore means nothing)
  • Specialization and talent revamp (to no end)
  • Tons of new items
  • Some profession updates
  • New battlegrounds and revamped dungeons
  • Cross-realm zones

September 13 – Patch 5.0.5 on live servers.

  • Technically the patch that will be running when the expansion is enabled, but mostly bug fixes.

September 17 – World Event: Attack on Theramore Isle

  • Available to level 85 characters for 1 week before expansion release

Cataclysm in a Minute by Wowcrendor

September 25 – Mists of Pandaria expansion released in North America and Europe.