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BfA Pet Team

Iron Starlette Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
Clockwork Gnome Swamp Croaker
Teroclaw Hatchling Ikky
Nexus Whelpling Nether Faerie Dragon
Feline Familiar Rapana Whelk (x2)
Pandaren Water Spirit Darkmoon Zeppelin
Chrominius Zanalari Kneebiter
Yellow Moth

These are the fifteen pets I use to defeat all 22 Pet Tamers in the 6 BfA zones. If you have to level some pets to max level, 25, then these are as good a group as any. Once you’ve got them to 25 then check out the strategies in the BfA Pet Tamers blog entry (to follow) for how to use one or two of them to level up others.


However, how do you get your first group of pets to 25? Well, there are two approaches a good, efficient and quick way and a bad, inefficient and slow way. The inefficient way is to take your pets to Durotar and level some up pet battling against low level, 1 – 2, wild pets. Then move on to Northern Barrens, level 3 – 4, Ashenvale, level 4 – 6…

Or if you have 2 decent level 25 pets you fight level 25 opposition and get a much bigger XP boost, and level up much faster with one level 1+ pet, than you can fighting level appropriate opposition (the inefficient way). The only obvious caveat here is that your two level 25 pets need to be good enough to beat 3 level 25 wild pets. If you don’t have two level 25 pets capable of tearing a new one for three opponents then you may have to start from scratch and level some good all-rounders the slow inefficient way.

Get the right pets

Take a quick look at this table. What this table shows is that some pets families for example Aquatic pets (top), are particularly good against some pets, Elementals and Undead, while being bad against others, in this case Magic and Flying. So it’s really helpful to have at least 10 robust and hard hitting pets one from each family. Whether you grind up some other pets the hard way or buy them from the Auction House here is a great selection of easily obtainable pets you would benefit from having in your collection

FamilyFirst choiceGood Alternative
DragonkinEmerald Proto-Whelp

Sholazar Basin
Nexus Whelpling

Coldara, Borean Tundra.
UndeadUnborn Val’kyr

very specific locations, one in every Northrend zone.
Infected Squirrel

Silverpine, Bloodmyst Isle, Hillsbrad, Eastern Plaguelands.
MechanicalMechanical Pandaren Dragonling

Lil’ Smoky

Engineering (you will need to upgrade to rare with a special stone).
HumaniodAnubisath Idol

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj
Flayer Youngling

Terrokar Forest.
FlyingYellow Moth

Vendor: Sixx, The Exodar

Quest: Ikky [97]: Spires of Arak
CrittersRapana Whelk, or pretty much any snail

Dread Wastes, Pandaria
Arctic Hare or any rabbit/hare

Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Zul’Drak, The Storm Peaks
MagicLofty Libram

Hillsbrad Foothills
Mini Mindslayer

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj
ElementalShale Hatchling (any colour)

Desolace, Deepholm
Electrified Razortooth

Isle of Thunder, Pandaria
BeastsTwilight Spider

Azshara, Deepholm, Twilight Highlands
Alpine Foxling (Kit)

Kun-Lai Summit, Townlong Steppes
AquaticsEternal Strider

Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Emperor Crab

Dread Wastes

Why two lists? Why isn’t the second list just an expanded version of the first? Well, the first list is the pets required to defeat the BfA Pet Tamer battles. These are a little more challenging and require very specific pets and strategies to defeat them, usually with two 25s and a carry (to get good levelling XP). The second list are solid selections from each pet family for defeating a wide range of wild pets.

With the starter set above you should have few problems defeating wild pets to expand your collection. If you struggle bear two things in mind. Use the right family to beat the opponent pet. One family that does extra damage or has extra defence to damage from pets of the opponents family. If this still isn’t working look at the opponents attacks. Many pets are one family but can do attacks of another family. So perhaps you’ll need a pet with extra defence against the family of attacks the opponent does, not the family the pet is from.

For example, Spiny Terrapin is an Aquatic pet, unsurprisingly it does Aquatic attacks, but it also has Critter and Beast attacks. If you are using a pet that is strong against Aquatic attacks but weak to Beast or Critter attacks you may be using the wrong pet.

How To level 1+ pets

The key to levelling 1+ pets with two 25s, against level 25 opposition is getting the Level 1+ pet to face opponents without taking damage. Easier said that done. Actually it’s easier done than explained. Do battle with a level 25 to start with. When the pet dies bring in your level 1+. Your very next turn should be used to Switch Pet to the second Level 25. It is key that you bring in the Level 1+ after another pet dies. Do not attempt to attack or dodge, your very next move is to Switch Pet the other Level 25. The Level 1+ pets is carried, so the two Level 25 pets should be capable of finishing at least one and a half level 25 opponents.

This primer is intended to help you start a collection. Build an initial stable of level 25 pets and with this stable get more pets. Eventually you will collect the pets in the first list you really need for current content. With the stable of starter pets you quickly level up new pets to 25 using the easy, efficient and faster method. Soon you’ll have a strong pet collection with which you can easily acquire more and more wild pets and accumulate the tokens from battles with which you can buy more vendored pets. You can go from very few pets to large collection in no time. However the initial grind to start out may be a little tricky, if you invest you time and effort in the right pets at the start you’ll be laughing in the long run.

Good luck and have fun

naxI’m not really. I haven’t remotely rushed to 110. I’ve been quite happy to do a couple of quests and stop and pet battle. There does seem plenty to do even if I haven’t been doing it. When there is nothing to do but pet battles and fishing then there is not enough to do. When there is plenty to do I enjoy taking time out to fish and pet battle.

So it’s no surprise seeing me in Dalaran, fishing in the fountain again. It takes me back to Wrath of the Lich King and that is no bad thing. Levelling returns its own share of evils. Blizzard tunes respawn rates, at this point in the expansion, early, you’re not going to waiting around for anything too long. Well, no time at all. So why would you swoop in and pull all the quest mobs. Feckin’ Death Knights, I feel sorry for those love the class and have played since WoTLK as Death Knights do seem to be an asshat magnet. There’s only one thing to do…DoT them all up and let the DK deal with them all, as you skip around picking up the other quest items.

mcfishingcrawdadTaking a break in Dalaran I was working on the Dalaran Fountain Coin Achievement when a Blood Elf, it had to be a Belf, strolled up. She looked at my fishing char and casually summoned her Giant Sewer Rat. Well, as a pet collector and a veteran fisher I’m not too impressed by this. I fished up four in the day. One with Ruta, one with Fleety, one with  Èowyn and another with Bethan. For me there was only one response…consider the Rat for a few moments, then summon my Magical Crawdad. Now that’s some committed fishing nipper, jog on…

Raiding starts on Wednesday and my ilvl is currently 775 and clearly I haven’t been in an Heroic 5 man yet. I’ve only been in one normal. So having dinged 110 today I’m reasonably happy with Ruta’s progress and should be able to squeeze into the raid. The main question is the one I’ve been asking since the guild merger: is this guild laid back and social enough for me? Affliction is once again the poor man’s warlock spec, indeed Warlocks are fairly poor across the board. Fingers crossed for a half decent buff sometime soon. The question is will my guild tolerate me playing affliction. If they won’t someone will and I won’t hesitate to move a group that’s more interested in community raiding than progress and gear. We’ll see. We’ll also see how all the raiders react if I am allowed to raid along with other casuals who may not be too great and will undoubtedly hold back progress.

elekkOne idea floated is the old chestnut of two raid groups: the “progression group” that forges ahead as quickly as possible; and the “social group” that takes anyone and is knee capped in terms of progression because of that. The idea is that they, progression group, can support the slower moving, less focused group with their experience of encounters and higher ilvl gear. Sadly the progression group frequently renege on “carrying” the social, not quite so hot group, and doing the content twice. So the “social” group, although they have more fun (arguably) they rarely succeed in clearing the content while it’s current. They would, perhaps, if they all, the whole guild, played together.

This is simply what I’ve been telling you for years. There is no right and wrong way to organise your guild and raiding. If you find yourself in a guild that is not completely right for you keep looking. There is a perfect guild for you somewhere.

Draenor Pet Tamers

This is also my suggested order for making you way around each day.

Tarr Team

Unborn Val’Kyr
Inested Bear Cub
Infected Squirrel


Cast [Curse of Doom] followed by [Haunt] don’t worry that they hit different targets. Use [Maul] on cooldown and [Diseased Bite], [Bash] or [Hibernate] are not used. When Cub dies swap Val’Kyr back in and re-apply both dots if you can. Squirrel will mop up remains.

Taralune Team

Nether Fairie Whelp
Nexus Whelpling
Carry Pet


Cast [Arcane Blast] twice (neither will hit) followed by [Moonfire], with >700 health consider [Life Swap] but ideally (RNG permitting) this should be your first attack on pet two. [Arcane Storm] then [Mana Surge] as usually unless the Fairie dragon has destroyed the first two pets. [Tail Sweep] will take the final pet low enough to swap in your carry pet (beware what level and family you swap in the moths are hard hitters).

Vesharr Team

Nexus Whelpling
Teldrassil Sproutling
Nether Fairie Dragon


Straightforward one pet for one opponent fight.

Ashlei Team

Carry Pet
Carry Pet


Easiest fight ever. [Minefield], [Launch Rocket] and then nuke down the first pet with [Missile], when Elekk Plushie swaps in reapply [Minefield] first, [Missile]. The last pet will swap in. The [Minefield] explosion and [Launch Rocket] are overkill. Swap to your carry pet whenever you like the Elekk Plushie does no damage or healing.

Cymre Brightblade Team

Anubsath Idol
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
Pandaren Fire Spirit / Carry Pet


Cast [Deflection] us this on cooldown to counter [Rot]. Below 400 health the Idol of Decay is likely to cast Dark Rebirth, it doesn’t matter if he does, you need approximately 1000 health to face the Lantern. When the Lantern swaps in either case [Deflection] or [Sandstorm], this is essential to reduce the Lantern to manageable levels of health. Use [Thunderbolt] and [Decoy] on cooldown and burn with [Breath]. The Dragonling can usually destroy the Clockwork Gnome pet (last) but any good elemental pet will teach it a lesson if the Dragon goes down.

Gargra Team

Menagerie Custodian
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
Carry Pet


These three wolf beasts hit hard. prioritise [Shock and Awe] and use [Zap] otherwise. Save [Ion Cannon] for just above dead (and rez) round. [Call lightning] and [Metal Fist] will tenderise the final pet and you can finish with a carry.

LongestDayThe following list is also laid out in a suggested order for making your way around the continent.


Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Thundering Pandaren Spirit
– Rapana Whelk / Lil’ Smoky / Infected Squirrel

Kun Lai Summit

– Death’s Head Cockroach [Apocalypse] / Rapana Whelk / Silkbead Snail
Cast [Apocalypse] swap in Whelp, cast [Dive] for Whirlpool hit and both molluscs should see you through 15 rounds.
– Wildhammer Gryphon Hatching [Flock] / Skywisp Moth [Call Lightning] / Garden Moth
Open with [Sqwak] and [Flock] until dead. Hit Kafi with [Call lightning] as soon as you swap the Skywisp in.
Grand Tamer Yon
– Rapana Whelk (+) / Elder Python / Lil’ Smoky (+)
Round 1: Apply [Shell Shield]; reapply when Shield is at 1, don’t allow to drop off.
Round 2: [Dive]; use on cooldown.
Withdraw Whelk as soon as Piqua is dead.
Use [Launch Rocket] on Bleat

Townlong Steppes

Burning Pandaren Spirit
– Rapana Whelk (+) / Silkbead Snail
You often kill all three opponents with the Rapana Whelk.
Round 1: Apply [Shell Shield]; reapply when Shield is at 1, don’t allow to drop off.
Round 2: [Dive]; use on cooldown.
Perfect opportunity to level a pet, however, do not open with it. If it survives until the end finish off the Fly with it.
– Emerald Turtle / Elder Python / Garden Moth
Ti’un the Wanderer
– Death’s Head Cockroach (Apocalypse) / Nordrassil Wisp (/ [Magic])

Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Grand Master Aki
– Arctic Fox Kit / Emerald Proto-Whelp / Garden Moth
Save Fox’s [Howl] for Stormlash. Use [Dazzling Dance] as an opener, so that the Fox kit is faster than Stormlash and can [Howl] before he dies.
– Wildhammer Gryphon Hatching / Skywisp Moth / Flying (maybe needed)
Try to use [Flock] twice, once before dying then the moth will undoubted two shot No-No.

Dread Wastes

– Gareden Moth / Emerald Turtle / Lil’ Smoky
– Kun Lai Runt / Clockwork Gnome / Lil’ Smoky
Flowing Pandaren Spirit
– Emerald Proto-Whelp / Twilight Fiendling / Eternal Strider
Emerald Bite | Proto-Strike to open and if the Proto-Strike hits and you Ancient Blessing is well timed you will survive the multi round aquatic attacks and be well on the way to solo-ing all three pets with the Proto-Whelp. The Twilight Fiendling’s role is to kill Riptide ASAP and then die to the Water Spirits multi-round attacks. The Eternal Strider needs to rounds to pump and take down the Water Spirit.

Krasarang Wilds

Skitterer Xi’a
– Wildhammer Gryphon Hatching / Skywisp Moth / Moth or Eternal Strider [Pump]

Valley of the Four Winds

– Arctic Fox Kit / Emerald Proto-Whelp / Emerald Turtle
Lead with [Howl], if you can get three [Bite]s on Greyhoof and take him under 1k health you have a good chance to kill him even with a Proto-Whelp miss.
Baby Blizzard Bear is a good third pet if you have one.
[Dazzling Dance] [Howl]
Lucky Yi
– Death’s Head Cockroach [Apocalypse] / Kun lai Runt / Flayer Youngling
– Arctic Foxling Kit [Howl] / Emerald Turtle / Lil’ Smoky

Krasarang Wilds

– Lil’ Smoky / Emerald Proto-Whelp / Garden Moth
[Emeral Bite] on the moth.

Jade Forest

Ka’wi the Gorger
– Arctic Fox Kit / Elder Pyton
– Emerald Proto-Whelp (+)
– Unborn Val’kir / Infected Squirrel / Arctic Fox Kit ([Howl] -> [Bite])
Whispering Pandaren Spirit
– Emerald Proto-Whelp (+) / Nexus Whekpling (+)
Open with [Emerald Bite], [Ancient Blessing], [Prot-Strike] and unless you missed another [Emerald Bite] Will take Dusty down. You should be able to half Whispertail’s health before losing your Proto-Whelp. With the Nexus Whelpling cast [Arcane storm] then [Mana Surge] and the Pandaren Air Spirit should be all but dead before the Whelp expires. A snail/whelk or another dragonling will finish the job off if required.


Winterspring Trixxy (lvl 19s)
Hyjal Brok
– Lil’ Smoky (-) / Emerald Proto-Whelp / Eternal Strider
Moonglade Elena (lvl 17s)
Felwood Zoltan (lvl 16s)
Ashenvale Analynn (lvl 5s)
Durotar Zunta (lvl 2s)
Northern Barrens Dagra (lvl 3s)
Stonetalon Mountains Zonya (lvl 7s)
Desolace Merda (lvl 9s)
Southern Barrens Cassandra (lvl 11s)
Duskwallow Grazzle (lvl 14s)
Thousand Needles Kela (lvl 15s)
Feralas Gluk (lvl 13s)
Uldum Obalis
– Lil’ Smoky (-) / Nether Faire Dragon / Flayer Youngling


– Rapana Whelk / Tolai Hare Pup…


Howling Fjord Beegle
– Emerald Proto-Whelp (Emerald Bite)
Dragonblight Okrut
– Tolai Hare / Tolai Hare Pup / Kun Lai Runt
Crystalsong Forest Nearly Headless Jacob
– Frogs (Tongue Lash & Swarm of Flies)
Zul’drak Gutretch
– Plains Monitor (-) / Golden Civet (-) / Kun Lai Runt (-)
Icecrown Grand Master Payne
– Lil’ Smoky / Electrified Razorscale / Emerald Turtle


Shattrath Morulu
Nagrand Narrok (lvl 22s)
Zangarmarsh Ras’an (lvl 21s)
Hellfire Peninsula Nicki (lvl 20s)
Shadowmoon Valley Grand Master Antari (lvl 24s)
– Emerald Proto-Whelp / Emerald Turtle / Flayer Youngling

The suggested pets worked for me but I only had a limited selection of 25s. These pets do work, however for some fights (particularly the Beasts of Fable) you may need more than one shot at downing the pet(s). Check Wowhead for alternative pets and tactics.
(+) Optimal pet.
(-) is a sub- / non-optimal pet (though one that did feature in a winning team).

Please post any recommendations it you nukes trainers, spirits or Beasts of Fable with any other combos! Happy

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