naxI’m not really. I haven’t remotely rushed to 110. I’ve been quite happy to do a couple of quests and stop and pet battle. There does seem plenty to do even if I haven’t been doing it. When there is nothing to do but pet battles and fishing then there is not enough to do. When there is plenty to do I enjoy taking time out to fish and pet battle.

So it’s no surprise seeing me in Dalaran, fishing in the fountain again. It takes me back to Wrath of the Lich King and that is no bad thing. Levelling returns its own share of evils. Blizzard tunes respawn rates, at this point in the expansion, early, you’re not going to waiting around for anything too long. Well, no time at all. So why would you swoop in and pull all the quest mobs. Feckin’ Death Knights, I feel sorry for those love the class and have played since WoTLK as Death Knights do seem to be an asshat magnet. There’s only one thing to do…DoT them all up and let the DK deal with them all, as you skip around picking up the other quest items.

mcfishingcrawdadTaking a break in Dalaran I was working on the Dalaran Fountain Coin Achievement when a Blood Elf, it had to be a Belf, strolled up. She looked at my fishing char and casually summoned her Giant Sewer Rat. Well, as a pet collector and a veteran fisher I’m not too impressed by this. I fished up four in the day. One with Ruta, one with Fleety, one with  Èowyn and another with Bethan. For me there was only one response…consider the Rat for a few moments, then summon my Magical Crawdad. Now that’s some committed fishing nipper, jog on…

Raiding starts on Wednesday and my ilvl is currently 775 and clearly I haven’t been in an Heroic 5 man yet. I’ve only been in one normal. So having dinged 110 today I’m reasonably happy with Ruta’s progress and should be able to squeeze into the raid. The main question is the one I’ve been asking since the guild merger: is this guild laid back and social enough for me? Affliction is once again the poor man’s warlock spec, indeed Warlocks are fairly poor across the board. Fingers crossed for a half decent buff sometime soon. The question is will my guild tolerate me playing affliction. If they won’t someone will and I won’t hesitate to move a group that’s more interested in community raiding than progress and gear. We’ll see. We’ll also see how all the raiders react if I am allowed to raid along with other casuals who may not be too great and will undoubtedly hold back progress.

elekkOne idea floated is the old chestnut of two raid groups: the “progression group” that forges ahead as quickly as possible; and the “social group” that takes anyone and is knee capped in terms of progression because of that. The idea is that they, progression group, can support the slower moving, less focused group with their experience of encounters and higher ilvl gear. Sadly the progression group frequently renege on “carrying” the social, not quite so hot group, and doing the content twice. So the “social” group, although they have more fun (arguably) they rarely succeed in clearing the content while it’s current. They would, perhaps, if they all, the whole guild, played together.

This is simply what I’ve been telling you for years. There is no right and wrong way to organise your guild and raiding. If you find yourself in a guild that is not completely right for you keep looking. There is a perfect guild for you somewhere.