How would I sum up a year of being a guild master? A lot of stress with very little reward. I’ve given myself a long time to “consider what I want to say” or “make up some vicious lies.” Take your pick. I know you will.

When I decided I wanted roll my own guild I’s already written the rules and decided I wanted to apply them vigorously. It’s one thing to write “This is a rule”, it’s another having the single mindedness (pig headedness) to adhere that rule. Sometimes you just let things slide and then you’ve set a precedent. Sooner or later you’re not in the guild you wanted to be in. I wasn’t going to do that. People have been telling me now for a (over) year that I have a wonderful idea but it’s naive and unrealistic, in the real world what I am doing cannot possibly work.

I wouldn’t say it hasn’t been without its problems, I couldn’t say it hasn’t been without drama. We had a hardcore clique within the guild who made promises of “carrying the raid” with the fabulous gear, they would only help each other amass. They thought that being a solid, well geared core with an officer, the raid leader, the guild couldn’t afford to lose them. We either fail together or we don’t succeed. That’s not hard to understand. I kicked them all.

Well geared, experienced raiders? And?

The surprising thing was the reaction of the rest of the guild. Instead of seeing the “core of the raid team” kicked they saw five selfish and gear motivated nobodies get moved on. Morale improved, more people were online more often, everyone was happy, chatty and helping each other out. When we ventured into Uldir it was with the right attitude and spirit.

We needed a new “raid lead” though…since neither me nor Mori wanted to do that job ourselves, although we frequently did. One guy in the guild, Lexi¬†offered to step up and he was popular and (claimed to be) a very experienced high end raider, so we offered him a job.

I say “claimed to be” since Mori did what she so always does and tracked down as many of his chars as she could on and and decided that he had been a GM, as he claimed, but of what appeared to be a ‘bank alt guild’. It had no raid achievements and she could find no evidence of any of the guilds he had run or had chars in having any “hardcore raid achievements”. I couldn’t really care less, he was well liked and worked hard researching the raid tactics, but yeah for an experienced raider he didn’t really demonstrate any evidence of having been a raid leader or indeed a hardcore raider at any time.

He worked a little too hard on the raid tactics as it turns out and would drone at the raid for over twenty minutes at each boss and after every wipe. It wasn’t working so we had to chat with him. I liked the guy and didn’t want to lose him but we agreed we had to get raid tactics in a nutshell, tailored for the three roles: tank, healer and lazy DPS. Mori agreed we had to speak to him, we were in complete unanimity that we could go on like this.

His reaction was stunned and dismayed. No one had ever, as he said, questioned his raid leading before. He went silent for the best part of ten minutes, while we tried, in vain, to convince him we valued and liked him, we just needed nutshell tactics. He made what Mori laughingly referred to ever after as a “Scottish noise“, that I don’t remember at all, and then he thanked us, then thanked the guild and /ragequit.

Then he sharded all his gear and left the server…Mori laughed at him afterwards and was very hard on his reaction to our reasonable request that he try to work on shortening his tactics, a synopsis rather than an essay. Mori began tracking his movements across servers. To be fair, to /ragequit a guild, sharding your chars and then /ragequit a server is pretty funny.

Not long afterwards a couple of his friends threw their dolls out of the pram and flounced out of the guild. Not a major story, I wasn’t giving them enough attention or something. They made their own guild, Et Cordis Silens. Which is latin for The Squeaky Wheel or something (think shopping trolley). Occasionally people would quietly drop out of my guild then later they’d pop up in Squeaky Wheel , Mori would inform me. Retention became a real problem for while. It did look as though they were quietly and deliberately undermining my guild and poaching members. Especially when Lexi rocked up, with his hunter, back on Draenor…as an Officer in Et Cordis.

I would recruit and slowly and destructively we would haemorrhage members a significant proportion of who went straight to Et Cordis Silens. However, it turned out that from the first idiots who left my guild to form Squeaky Wheel the steady outflow of members was actually due to one of my officers. David was whispering people behind my back, undermining the entire guild, making everything I said sound sinister and putting a negative spin on it. No really! It’s hilarious but true. Who would do this? It’s a gaming clan! I don’t paid to run a guild, all I get out of it is the satisfaction of offering an environment you cannot get somewhere else. An environment people have been telling me for a year you cannot make or succeed with. To this day I still don’t know what I did to him and what his motivation was.

After David left and set up his own guild, taking half the raid team with him who all quit one night around 1 AM (planned?) when no one would be around to see or question them. I hoped that now the Fifth Columnist was gone that things would settle down. They did a little bit but something still wasn’t quite working. I needed some new officers and admittedly I did make the wrong the choices. I promoted one woman with Borderline Personality Disorder who frankly I could and should’ve managed better. Another woman Mori suggested after she left was poisonous and backstabbing. I don’t know but when Mori /ragequit I think I needed to give the guild an enema and kicked this cabal of do nothing, but there were alternatives. Not my finest hour, I own that.

When you set up a guild with someone and talk about what you want to achieve and how you want to go about it I expected that strong bond of friendship that Mori and I had would keep us together at the core of the guild while we both continued to play World of Warcraft and I thought if either of us took a break we could leave the guild to the other to manage on their own. I thought as real life friends who knew all about each other partner/children we would have a real life meeting with or without our mutual WoW met friend Chloe and this would keep us good mates whatever went on in game…

So I was surprised when she suddenly /ragequit one evening. She hadn’t discussed leaving or focussed on any big problems that could make her leave. However it did explain why she laboriously deleted every word she’d ever typed in Officer Chat or in any one of the Discord channels. What I couldn’t understand and was most dismayed by was that she also removed everything she ever posted in my personal Discord channel where we would hang out when we needed a break from the guild and could talk privately about rela life issues and problem officers if we had any. She started doing this a fortnight before she left.

One reason she did it was was so she could never be quoted bad mouthing people with screenshots of passed Officer chats. David had DMed a guildie Tanzie with a very selective excerpt of me questioning Tanzie‘s coming and going during a raid. Tanzie had felt my remarks were unfair, they were, so she left the guild when David did around February. A shame because I thought my words were unfair and ill-judged after I discussed them with officers at the time: in October. After that I got to know Tanzie better on a personal level and really liked and respected her. When Mori would bad mouth her for “taking David’s side and quitting the guild too” I would defend her to Mori and say Tanzie wasn’t to know that screenshot was unrepresentative and from 4 months before, David didn’t date it for her, she had no choice in the circumstances and I would’ve done the same if I were her. Sorry Tanzie.

It had been Mori’s brilliant idea to ask the officers who to promote next. She didn’t want to influence them, but she thought Tomas would be a great officer. Now I know Tomas a little bit, although he’s been in the guild a year. He, very much by his own admission rarely talks, so I was never too sure about promoting him. Now I know Tomas is a great guy and loyal and steady. Loves the guild, enjoys our raid and as a rank and file guildie and a officer he worked tireless grinding herbs and mats for the guild bank and raid. He never came to officer meetings because he felt uncomfortable speaking and having a input in decision making. That’s OK, it wasn’t his thing so I accepted that and he stayed on as an officer and I was very happy with that. I was also happy enough when he opted to stand down, becuase he did choose to stay in the guild. Tomas, saying or typing little, has a big presence in the guild. When he wanted to step down as an officer by remain in the guild I was cool with that. If there could be a rank for quiet rocks between officer and GM for people we respected and liked with no authority or need for them to do anything the did want to and weren’t already doing he’d have that.

Mori also liked Sepulcra. Well she /ragequit allegedly because I questioned why someone who never interacts joins a guild. A guild is a social thing within a game. If you don’t want to socialise and cooperate I don’t think a guild is for you. However, I have no issue with Andreas hanging out in my guild as long as he wants. He does no harm and he seems nice enough. Says little, is still here after 7 months fair enough. Despite Mori getting a bit irritated with two of the officers, myself and another, wondering out loud what that kind of guildie’s agenda was he’s still here.

Mori wanted to be very inclusive, but only towards people like herself and her autistic son, socially awkward, reserved and very quiet around people they don’t know. She didn’t show any tolerance toward people with mental health problems that made them present in a loud, banter-fuelled, almost aggressive way. So when we invited a loud, woman with borderline personality disorder doing her best to cope without meds Mori hated her. It was one of the last nails in the coffin of her membership when our small officer team suggested she should be an officer too. Tomas yes. Loud person, hell no!

So Mori /ragequit saying she had a lot of outside pressures and just wanted some space. I knew about most of these since she would offload to me every evening before we did much playing. She said she wanted some peace and a break. I could understand that. I stood back and asked the guild to respect her need for space. She would come online and I wouldn’t whisper her, I’d just be there if she needed me. Then I was told that she had a new guild and that she was the GM of that guild. I asked her about it and she said “no [it’s] my bank guild…I opened it…I made a place that felt right…”

What confused me is some of the people who have turned up in her guild. After the wheels fell off The Squeaky Wheel “Scottish Noise” autist Lexi turned up in her guild. I wonder if you mentioned the “Scottish Noise” or what you thought of him flouncing out of the guild and out of Draenor, Mori? Did you tell Tanzie how I defended her when you slated her for leaving the guild with David? To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised to see David rock up in your “Guild”. I don’t know what you’re telling them Mori, I don’t know at all.

I don’t miss you turning up and expecting to tag along in my raids any more. There is only so much moaning about “Why are they struggling so much on this boss it’s easy, we did it on heroic last week,” I can stomach. You have 4 people in your guild so we was a an over-geared PuG and you’re guild contributed about 20% to it. I don’t miss “Do you want to use my lookout so you can skip this boss? I just thought it would be nice for your guys to progress and kill something,” either. To be fair you may not have intended that to insulting and rude, you are autistic after all. Here’s the thing, image I actually said that to you…if you can.

So that pretty much much nutshells the first six months of running an inclusive, laid back guild where people respect each other and have fun. When Mori left suddenly in February I thought I’d struggle, I thought there would be drama and I wouldn’t know which way to jump. The truth was a surprise to me. I only have my self to satisfy now and I’m not constantly trying to work out and second guess what another is thinking. I just make good decisions and stick to that. As for drama well I refer you to paragraph one because…there hasn’t be any. About ten or twelve people have drifted out of the guild in six months. Natural wastage no more. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. No drama. Since Mori left. Coincidence?

478! A Cesspool, invite all guild…! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Much space?

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