Yeah, we’re here again…it seems like such a simple operation doesn’t it? Backup database, restore database…it’s never worked yet. It looked like it worked as designed yesterday, then I clicked a link and although the posts (and miraculously all the images) were displaying correctly on the home page none of the articles would open. 404 errors URL not found, interestingly (for me any way) the corrupt URLs all had index.php missing from their path…so I think I could’ve fixed it. However, I didn’t want to. It’s easier (in the long run) to export the posts (and comments) sub-sections of the WordPress database and import those into a new and then knock the site into shape from the admin page. As you can see I’ve started to do that, the theme is in situ and activated for example, I will shuffle the side bar widgets around to my liking then later today I will restore the content. Now where’s justify?!

So if you’re a visitor to /Ragequit hoping to see some World of Warcraft ranting and rambling I can only sincerely apologise. I value your interest and when the site is back functioning “normally” please leave me comment and say hewwo.