maxresdefaultNow…I’ve been meandering along in bad guild for over a year. The GM is nice and there’s a handful of nice people. However the bulk of the 500 members are asshats. Now you will get this in a cesspool, invite all guild…by its very nature. The GM takes almost everyone, or we wouldn’t be at 552 members, they all go through a ‘rigorous’ “interview” process where he asks them probing questions then invites them anyway (it would appear). It’s hard to shape the ethos of a guild, it’s like herding cats. You do need a few cultural architects that can support a cooperative, help out, attitude.

Genuinely I’m becoming weary of whiners in this guild. Moaning about how bad their item level is. “Oh my gear is shocking. Really I don’t know what to do.” Someone replied in agreement they knew the feeling. I pricked up my ears thinking we could get a group together and farm some heroics. Then I hear “My ilvl is 850 that crap.” Thinking I might get some sympathy and some charity boosts through heroics I announce in guild chat: “LOL if you think that’s bad, my ilvl is 812…” Tumbleweed blew through. No one spoke in guild chat for almost ten minutes. Nothing. No offer of help, no half-hearted commiserations.

Patch 7.1 has dropped and everyone is motivate to try the new Karazhan Mythic 5 man. There is an old fashioned attunement / quest chain and it starts in Halls of Valour. So we’ve had a lot of guild chat asking for people who want to do ‘HoV’. Yesterday I responded in the affirmative and so did one other. I waited for a response and a short time later the original requester logged off. I checked our classes. Of course! Three DPS, the original requester simply checked whether there we were tanks, and logged after neither of us was and no one in the guild who tanks was online. Irritating, but no more. Later on some random in guild asks for HoV again and a guildie responded: “Not HoV. Done that.” That isn’t just selfish it’s not too bright. Even if your motivations are purely selfish helping people up a rung to the step you’re on can only make it easier for you to make a group.

chatOK I’m somewhat pleased Affliction has had a buff, we sorely needed one. I don’t think we’re anywhere near OP, but all I ever wanted was balanced and competitive. However, my voidwalker has been nerfed to the ground. I used to routinely pull up to four mobs, DoT them up, tab around applying Unstable Affliction until they died, of hit them with Seed of Corruption. Voidy would cope and regen health a pretty good rate. Now he can’t hold the agro and gets battered by two mobs and regens really slow. This is going to make solo-ing single player content tricky, if I wanted to play a mage or priest…So my issue isn’t a woe is me look at numbers non-problem. It’s a quality of life, able to cope out in the world issue. I feel naked…undergeared…fragile. Don’t tell it to your cesspool, invite all guild though. They’ll love the opportunity to whine about their OP metre cheesing talents being reined in. Why is this Trade chat green?

That’s when they’re not actually ranting in guild chat like it was properly trade. Hmmm…


Every server has one, at least one. The invite all kids guild. Which is pretty much how they work, 500-odd kids all trying to stand on each other to get where they need to be. Into a better guild with better raid progression. They’re always social – well, they take any old scrub, that’s, er, friendly. Their raiding usually matches. cleared normal, foot in heroic. Well they can usually make good progress when the content is easy because they’ve got eleventy billion people who want to raid. When they get to heroic it all goes a little side ways as no one wants to wipe. They never wipe in LFR. Or they do and quit the shit LFR group. Or shit guild group. Our guild has the cesspool invite all but has moved the bar on raiding twice which can stop genuinely players who don’t have the time or commitment be full time raiders from attending. Just as I slummed my way to 815 the ilvl requirement went up to 830…I nearly got to 830 when I lost all motivation as the threshold for guild raiding ticked up to 845. I whined unashamedly to the GM, because look this is supposed to be a social guild where no one (within reason) is barred from raiding if they want to. The threshold got dropped back to 830 But I can’t be arsed really. Yeah I am the problem here.

160628-emerald-nightmareThe names have all changed, but the fact still remains that in difficulty terms heroic is equivalent with old normal. Old heroic is now called mythic. They shuffled these names to insert Pandaria Flex level in as the entry level raiding difficulty. The problem I have is that the guilds I join, more laid back, but still concerned to progression raid at a meandering pace, tend to view normal (easier flex level) like they used to view normal, pre-Pandaria, when now it’s easy mode pitched between LFR and heroic. We should be starting in heroic raid instances. When heroic’s cleared we should be doing it a second time at mythic difficulty. No one is going to want to clear the same raid instance three times: on normal, heroic and mythic.


It’s time to get on my er, horse and I know it. I just do like some of the people in the guild…