blocked-someone-on-twitterThe last month has not been good. A person I was beginning to consider a virtual friend (virtual – in the sense of almost and in the sense of online) blocked me on Twitter. I do not know why. If it was my gentle chiding about her being salty about the Ahead of the Curve reward the (‘Charity’) Moose then I stand by my words and memes. Sometimes a friend needs to ask “Really?” Sometimes a friend will reply “Yeah, maybe I am overreacting, but I’m OK with that.” No kind of friend just cuts you dead with no explanation. There I said it, that pissed me off.

tumblr_ltrjw896X91qj4qpio1_400Then I blundered into a flapping hand fight with a major community streamer and his asshat sidekick. Now there was no need to wade in and worse still the outcome was utterly inevitable. I was told in no uncertain terms to go and be heroic elsewhere, women are not humourless and defenceless and do not need a white knight to rescue them. It was impressive how quickly I was hamstrung with this attack. It must be well practised. The white knight argument is based on the premise that men and women are intrinsically different and, as part of the privileged class of men, speaking up against other men in their denigration of women is patronising and self serving.

Women are part of my class, the working class and their oppression is part of the oppression of my class, you can’t be a white knight riding to the rescue of you own people. I, a Marxist, can express solidarity with feminists and my opposition to women’s oppression – I’m just another revolting peasant.

hippie-girl-meme-dreadlocks-glasses-liberal-occupy-hippy-sad-hill-news-7-164x250To round off another excellent month I let a very earnest and worthy young woman imply I was a homophobe or supporter of homophobes by using and supporting the open source Firefox browser. Now there are grounds for this: their ex-CEO. However, my use of the browser pre-dates the appointment of this CEO, a CEO now no longer associated with Mozilla and a CEO I was unaware of until over a year after the fact. I felt like saying to her “Do you know who I am?” and (of course) she’d reply “No,” “So keep your simplistic, black and white views to yourself and have some humility. I was fighting all sorts of discrimination before you were born and I still bear the scars.” Why do I let all these small minded people fuck with my head?

Coupled with the dearth of real news (even from the alpha) that has trickled into the ether of late I’m really fed up with the WoW Community and it’s social media presence. I know I shouldn’t be as the vast majority are good, decent people. Finally I heard some good news yesterday, news that I’ve frankly been waiting for since early Cataclysm.

Sylvanas-1095x548ord_wrathgate_fullSylvanas Windrunner is returning to centre stage. The Forsaken story as developed at the Wrathgate before Icecrown Citadel was a master stroke. “Did you think we had forgiven? Did you think we had forgotten?” The efforts of the Scarlet Crusade to destroy the Forsaken, treating them as no better than Scourge had always been a simmering resentment for the Undead. The opportunity to strike at Horde and Alliance alike was good to pass up and it required the intervention of the dragons to prevent a Forsaken success. Then we reclaimed Undercity with the help of Thrall and refocused our attack on the original enemy the Lich King, Arthas, he who had made Sylvanas our Dark Lady to begin with. In the Halls of Reflection we challenged Arthas but, even with Sylvanas at our side, he was too powerful.

maxresdefaultAfter the Shattering we saw Sylvanas find a solution to the dwindling finality of the Undead’s numbers. Clearly she was unhappy with the new Warchief and while he was distracted with schemes for Mogu power from Pandaria she settled some old scores in Gilneas. She attempts to assassinate Genn Greymane, her poisoned arrow is taken by Genn‘s son Liam. This is something Greymane is unlikely to forget. Since then Sylvanas has been quiet and took no real part in Pandaria or indeed in Warlords. The good news, evident from the trailer, was that she would be stepping up again and playing a much bigger part in Legion. This is further confirmed by spoilers from Legion alpha: Sylvanas and the Forsaken look to be vying for power again.

wow-legion-doom-hammer-610x342This for me is the first glimmer of positivity I’ve had for Legion. Currently class and spec changes look to be playing to a more simplistic and faceroll gameplay style (again). Rogues are divided but mostly negative about the lost of Combat and the imposition of Outlaw, not to mention all their salt about Ravenholdt and the Dalaran Sewers, actually completely justified for me. I cannot and will not descend into a cod philosophical debate about whether Timewalking is new content despite it being unquestionably recycled old content. The Wardrobe Transmog feature looks interesting (exciting for some) but I see only reclaimed bag space, but I welcome it as I did the Reagent bank. Order Halls and profession changes, well Blizzard have talked a good fight but until and bell goes on those features in alpha or beta testing I’m keeping my powder dry.

1I’ve heard people heralding a new dawn (again) already and the client isn’t even out of alpha. Many new features haven’t been implemented at all yet! I’ve heard some hollow claims that Blizzard really get it, but do they? Really? How can you know. Yes, they are talking about things the community has lamented for a long time: the bastardisation of gathering and professions, the irrelevance of 5 man despite their centrality to the game. xhlsWGOBlizzard is echoing that, great, but how they actually address these areas in game is more important that hitherto empty rhetoric. One woman’s endless negativity is one man’s patience and healthy scepticism. It doesn’t matter how often I say it I keep seeing intelligent people make the stupid decision to blindly trust Blizzard and pre-order a game that could still be nine months off. A lot can happen in nine months and a lot that Blizzard said they wanted to do at another Blizzcon could get cut and quietly glossed over. Again.