122030If Blizzard are going to persist with LFR and we’re going to insist on utilising it – me for the gold (it’s a good straightforward source); those bullied by poor GMs and raid leaders (“when it comes to gear every little helps”); casuals who don’t need this gear (I’m not f57670db9ffbc4929b71447f16583333denying you good gear, just gear you simply don’t need) – we need to try our best to sort it out.

This is going to blow your minds. I am suggesting that we police LFR and request, nay demand some minimum standards of behaviour from our fellow participants in this cesspool. If you aren’t a bottom feeder spouting hatred and vitriol or a leecher jumping about or standing back doing little or absolutely nothing to contribute to the group endeavour then you’re just an innocent. Right? No, if you use LFR there are no innocents, at the very least you’re complicit in creating this cesspool. If you have witnessed LFR at it’s worst and shut your ears, turned your back, walked away and not called the scrub out then frankly you’re facilitating them.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke

“I just want to finish this as quickly as possible,” “You can’t fight it just ignore it,” “It’s not the community it’s the game systems LFR, LFG, LFD that has created this anti-social environment.” These are simply excuses for doing nothing.

1170715_561057880628381_1181453004_nThere are two things you can do. Game systems are partly responsible for this LFR allows you to be a bottom feeder of all the worst kinds and yet still get rewarded with gear, this is fundamentally wrong. 1) Politely pressure for the removal of the the LFR group creator, make the case in clear objective terms trying not to offend the majority of benign users. 2) Be clear about what you object to and object out loud in /raid chat. 3) Initiate a vote to kick.

This is going to be shocking and utterly unacceptable to some people. They are going to accuse me of being a Nazi; imposing my values on them; restricting their freedom; singling someone out for bullying and abuse; being an elitist; imposing moral rules when it’s just game; being too uptight; being a kid; being a bully. Bring it on, I’ve heard it all before (read this blog, someone should) and worse. Most of it’s true, except the Nazi bit, for your information I’m a revolutionary communist. Deal with it.

Fleety’s Rules:

Don’t try to have people kicked for low DPS, low HPS or dropping/missing a mob or taunt switch. Even if there was a wipe.
Don’t abuse people for any of the above. Even if there was a wipe.
N00bs/inexperienced party members are welcome. Encourage and support those who self identify as such. Advise and guide. Even if there was a wipe.
If you’re in LFR you’re doing the thing you’re class does: actively participating all the time. Even if you’re not wiping.

You do not simply tolerate those engaged in these behaviours. You seek to draw attention to them and thereby make them change their behaviour and eject them from the group if they do not immediately apologise and back down.
If the inexperienced wilfully ignore your advice and guidance punish them by having them kicked.
If someone is being a bottom feeder challenge them, if they ignore, ridicule, or abuse you initiate a vote to kick. Even if they are, indeed especially if they are, a healer, the top DPS or even one of the two tanks.

If you’re not standing up to arseholes in LFR you’re part of the problem. Not being a part of the abuse is not the same as not being party to it. Those who call out and throw the abuse back are not as bad as the original arseholes. Berating the vocal who bite back at these bottom feeders is just as bad as being an arsehole in the first instance. Voting to kick someone who calls out a bully is just as low as being the original bully.