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Someone told me I should try harder in 5 man content and be the best I can. Well, perhaps they should’ve read more of the blog before encouraging me to be the best I can…


I’m not sure this is what she had in mind to be fair. However, if I’m doing my best so should everyone…right?


After this incident I was in Skyreach again and the tank was level 100, we’re all <99, telling us how bad our DPS is. Did you think you’d queued for an heroic? So I did Vote To Kick and in the reason box I wrote: “Bell end”. The vote failed. The tank started again after the first boss, the Vote To Kick Yes / No dialog came up. The reason fellow party member choose this time was “Massive bell end”. He didn’t survive that name.

Some on objected that it would take 10 hours to get a new tank! I said “Hey ho” and to their credit someone said “Better that than getting abused by a massive bell end and continue his stupidity by tolerating it.” Right on.

Queue had us waiting 1 and a half minutes. As someone said in the party chat the God of Friendly Groups smiled on us.


imagesspicespoonsI’ve been hating on LFR since it was released. The tactic and skill free tourist mode has been a loot gimme since it’s inception in Cataclysm. Worse still it’s been a cesspool of hatred and intolerance. The argument that it was catch-up content for those wishing to step up into raiding has never washed, if it’s catchup why have it as the current raid tier and allow it to drop comparable gear? It’s always been a simple way for non-raiders to get charity epics that they simply don’t need, epic gear exists to make progression through raids possible, I haven’t said anything about denying it to anyone. The truth I’m trying to convey is that gear is not the end game, gear is simply the means by which you penetrate deeper into the raiding end game. If you don’t raid you don’t need epic gear, you don’t need more gear and more ilvl and greater randomised stats. You, we need more end game content. More variety and more quantity per se.

Haters+gonna+hate_d83b07_3090329It’s a simple idea that some people are struggling with. They don’t hear remove LFR and you simply don’t need this gear they hear:

Will all non-raiders, smaller guilds and people not running Mythic by now, please leave because the community doesn’t want you.

Then the excuses about why people can’t (or more correctly, don’t want to) raid start. However, by making that pitch you’ve missed a very important point. I’m not dismissing you if you don’t raid. Far from it, I’m telling you that you don’t need LFR gear, you don’t want LFR and you and I both need more non-raiding end game content.

Its not as simple as saying you have to do work. You have to find and create groups – you know the thing you could spend two hours doing before even entering a raid [in] the past. People didn’t want to spend all of their time in the game trying to find people to play with.

Nothing in the game has made that any easier – and as its dependent on human nature, is ultimately flawed. All of the AI matching introduced has been to get around the fact that the community is basically toxic. And unless you find some nice people to play with the game will not work let alone have a chance of being fun. It becomes locked to new entrants, who have no opportunity to learn and grow.

stuck_in_the_middleI see myself  caught in the middle of this argument: non-raiders and ‘hardcore’ raiders are always accusing me of everything under the sun. Raiders: dumbing down the game by advocating things like LFG and the new Premade Group tools for events like Kazzak. Tools “to find and create groups…the thing you could spend two hours doing…[in] the past.


And all of the reasons put forward for not likeing (sic) LFR are from raiders who…i)want exclusive rewards for being brilliant ii)don’t want to rub shoulders with lesser players iii)want lesser players to either become as good as them or stop polluting their game. This has happened in European history before, and you’d think we’d learn by now. And taking LFR away because it teaches people to be dependant on handouts, or stops them from working hard to improve their lot in life is no different from EU nations closing their borders to the refugees from Syria (who won’t do something to improve their own country so why should we help them out – just take away their lifeline and they’ll soon change their tune – cheerio chaps).

what_is_communism_by_party9999999-d56hjk7.pngIf you’re suggesting that I am not a supporter of #RefugeeWelcome or National Socialist of some kind…I can only be once again staggered by the Internet’s need and use of hyperbole. Way to go. LFR should go = Nazi, ethnic cleansing.

People are the barrier to a good raid experience not Blizz. Blizz just tried to help, but all it has done is give the toxic element something to aim at and become more justified in its beliefs.

So you don’t disagree with the idea that LFR is toxic? Perhaps you don’t disagree that LFR is not fun and bad environment in which to enjoy MMO cooperative play. Essentially, LFR is a quick queue, convenient single player means to extract gear (that you do not really need). More agreement here surely if you scrape away the hysteria?

[You want] two games – a team game that can only be played by a true team of like minded people working together in utopian harmony, and a single player game for everyone else.
Er, how can this possibly follow? This utopian harmony you’re implying cannot be found in World of Warcraft is everywhere. In guilds of all sizes, but most often in the small guilds you referred to earlier that struggle to raid and embrace exclusivity as a necessity to fill their roster as much as virtue. Many community guilds do exist. My advice on guilds has never changed: trail a lot stay in a few. There are so many guilds out there (even if you restrict yourself to one high population server) one will be perfect for you. If you cannot commit to raiding one night a week then I humbly suggest you don’t really want to raid. Raiding is not about loot or elite skillz or any of that nonsense, it is about a commitment to eight other people once or twice a week. I’m 48 so I know how bogus your “I’m 20-something I don’t have time for that now” excuses are.

So on that basis split them. Make WoW: Raiding a MMO (dump the RPG bit), have an esport and they’ll be happy. Make WarCraft 4 for everyone else – just leave out the multiplayer elements.

Happy? thought not. Just kill the game now – put everyone out of their misery.

Here’s an idea: kill LFR, we have all the tools to create ad hoc groups in game with flexible raid sizes and out of game with OpenRaid. Everyone who really wants to can raid at a time that suits them. Enough time to run LFR? Then you have enough time to join an organised premade. I guaranteed 90% of the time you will have a lot more fun that you have ever had in LFR. You might actually meet people you like too! That is the the whole point of guilds anyway: “team of like minded people working together” it’s a game it can gesture at utopian in way real life cannot.

The high and mighty raiding community also forgets that without ‘casual’ players contributing millions in subs, there will be no money to invest in top tier content. So saying 6.2.3 has taken money away from THEIR content is ludicrous.

Perhaps raiders will be happy with WOW going free to play and have raids locked behind a pay wall. In app purchased to unlock the next boss once you’ve downed to the one you are on? Then at least they’ll know they are getting what they’ve paid for.

angry-kid-1Blizzard may have forgotten this, but to it’s cost in Warlords of Draenor. Raiding is also down and despite being all there is do (really) Hellfire Citadel has lower utilisation than previous raids. So the 4.4 million people who have unsubscribed so far this expansion aren’t all “casuals” there are a lot of “raiders” in there too. Why would raiders be happier locking raids behind a pay wall? Raiders would directly suffer from that? That’s the most stupid thing I ever heard. Raiders and casuals want the same thing: varied and compelling end game content. That’s raid and non-raid content.

Why stop at LFR – i mean normals, they’re not really raiding are they? All raids should start at HC only so that the money invested on slightly different mechanics, and playtesting/tuning two difficulties will be saved too. Then platinum tier Proving Grounds requirmens (sic) will root out those that can raid and those that can’t, or better yet lock entry to the raid behind an achievement for killing the final boss of that same raid so that only timelords can join in having had centuires (sic) to practice.

angry-kidsI think this post got very angry and possible quite aggressive with their keystrokes. My main argument for scrapping LFR is not that it isn’t raiding (but Blizzard have called it Tourist Mode)  but that it’s awful. If you really must raid and have that epic gear flex (people are calling it normal now) is perfect for you. You can do it if you want to. It’s fun and it’s rewarding.

Raiders are rounding on LFR as the source of all their problems when it is the people and culture in the game that cause the issues not the game structure.

I run a moderately sized (60ish accounts) casual guild which is a refuge for people fed up with, abused by or cast out by ‘raiding’ guilds. And we help (you may need to look that word up) each other, support people gaining new skills and gear, with the aim to allow them to play any part of the game they want – PVE, PVP and raiding. We are working hard to OMFG keep people in the game rather than do all I can to persuade them they should give up and leave the game to better people.

I never made any points about loot.

The elite factions within the game, trying to dictate what the ‘lower’ ranks can or can’t do disgusts me. You’re view of raiding is wonderful yet sadly elusive for the majority of people (which is why they are leaving). Your experience is very diffferent (sic) to mine and i suspect very different to the 4.4 million people who have left. The cesspool of the instance finder, people demanding sky high entry requirements for low level raids, reserving loot so that even if you can get in you won’t get anything out of it. The constant battle to keep your tanks and healers in your guild and not have them enticed away by other teams is all created by the people running higher level raids than LFR – taking LFR away won’t stop this…

And no – i don’t do LFR because it’s not what I want to do. I completed my Legendary and I don’t need to go back. But that doesn’t give me the right to say it should now be taken away.

indexNo one likes or enjoys LFR, take out the gear and Legendary items and no one would queue for it. That’s why I and others, not all of us elite hardcore raiders, suggest removing it. For the elite, hardcore raider perspective check out ex-Method raider Mike @ Preach Gaming on this very subject. You’ll be disappointed though, he doesn’t want to lock you out of content or rewards any more than I do. Despite your desire to pigeon hole there is no exclusive casual or raider content. You may not do any raiding content, but that doesn’t mean those of us who do dip a toe into that content don’t use any other content Blizzard makes. I pet battle, check this blog. I love 5 man content, check this blog. I level professions as I level an alt for a reason: I love them. Seasonal events and fishing are fun and part of my game, check this blog.

resized_creepy-willy-wonka-meme-generator-go-on-tell-me-more-about-how-much-you-don-t-know-05c5c5Here is the raider’s reasoned argument in a nutshell, without any of the defensive casual’s hyperbole: If you want to raid, LFR isn’t raiding, you’re not doing it by entering LFR. LFR is not fun or compelling content. Don’t take the rewards off people just give them access to rewards they need and can use from more compelling content. If you listen to any “casual” defender of LFR after about 30 seconds two things become obvious: 1) they do it for the gear and 2) they really don’t want to do cooperative raiding. I agree, why make them? Give them and everyone else better ways to spend our time in game. Having FUN!



loadscreen-halls-of-reflection-fullloadscreen-pit-of-saron-large6.2.3 will extend Timewalking when it is released. The patch will give us some Cataclysm dungeons, including the execrable faceroll of End Time and the wonderful Pit of Saron, from Wrath of the Lich King. When they were released the Cataclysm dungeons were savaged by a very vocal section of the community. At the end of Wrath of the Lich King the ten million playing Warcraft had become accustomed to chain pulling entire 5 mans and reducing them to tanking speed runs. The new expansion’s opening dungeons were anything but rushing, chain pulls at contemporary gear levels. Difficult trash packs, combinations of healers, melee and casters made progress, especially somewhere like Grim Batol, a slow cautious pull, crowd control, kill order affair.

Ambassador_HellmawThe Timewalking Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King dungeons are so scaled that they represent no significant challenge and are facerolled by most groups. With no currency or significant rewards attached to Timewalking it was clear that Blizzard were trialling the scaling technology and the access mechanisms for the content without any clear idea of how to utilise the design. Attaching a bespoke currency and tossing in a mount is Blizzard‘s new go to formula to incentivise content. Regardless of whether people particularly enjoy or derive pleasure from Timewalking Blizzard will undoubted get good utilisation figures as people farm tokens for the unique mount.

In 6.2.3 Valor points are back and available from everything apart from the raids that gear upgrades purchasable with them will be useful for. Now there’s a sentence. Pushing raiders out of Hellfire Citadel into existing and massively out-geared 5 mans and LFR. I for one am not impressed with the thought of Blizzard playing fast and lose with what little content they actually created for Warlords of Draenor by trialling new ways to incentivise content and keep players utilising it.

When Blizzard said they were looking at new ways to make and keep 5 man content relevant we really hoped they wouldn’t simply include a crafting material. Second only was bringing back those badly spelled Valor points. Oh suck it up North America you got your language off us. So now the live servers are a glorified beta test and Blizz are ladling any old shit into Warlords to see what sticks.

sylvanasLook Warcraft is a broad church it has always catered to a wide variety of players. Role Players; PvPers; all kinds of casuals with different objectives (I’m including myself in that category now so don’t freak out); and raiders from casual, community to mythic and hardcore (been there done that). However, in Warlords, after a good levelling experience the only quality (and, come on, quantity of) content was within raid instances. Despite the inception of LFR raiding isn’t much more utilised now, with Hellfire Citadel showing a marked dip in utilisation, perhaps not as low as the infamous 3% of the player base that the original Naxxramas (40 man) reached, but lower. The message to Blizzard should be clear: raiding in Warlords was as good as it’s ever been but many of the 4.4 million subscribers you’ve shed over nine months are raiders: utilisation in HFC has not maintained the levels seen in Highmaul or Mists of Pandaria. So even if raiding is the pinnacle of your Warcraft content you can’t afford to neglect other end game content, that approach doesn’t even keep your raiders engaged.

stratentMy conclusion is that Timewalking is a missed opportunity to provide variety in content. For non-raiders the tourist mode of LFR is a gear trawl, it offers content nullifying gear levels that trivialises dungeons and solo content. Raiders have Mythic and Heroic difficulty raids. In between is the hinterland of flexible, or the new normal mode. Challenge Modes are a failure, I think the target audience of the Challenge Mode is those people who wanted a challenge from their small group content but didn’t appreciate the chain pull, speed runs we saw in late Wrath. A mentality that led to the nerfing of Cataclysm 5 mans and blighted the pitiful handful of level 90 only (non-heroic) 5 mans we got in MoP. Blizzard have said themselves Mythic dungeons are Mythic in name only and the rewards…

Sunken_Temple_-_Official_SiteLet’s just say it, gear at multiple ilevels, warforged, socketed, randmised stats – it’s stupid and out of control. This crap surely cannot stand. I look at a new piece of gear and I don’t know what to make of it? How many ilevels does a TW-ing blue need to be above a late LFR purple with a socket before it’s automatically better. I thought the whole point of throwing reforging away was because it wasn’t interesting. We plugged our gear into an external website it output our reforges, we pasted that into our addon; et voilà. Now Mr Robot is back with a vengeance and worse than ever, GEAR MAKES NO SENSE.

Gear is not why I play, its a means to an end: overcoming progression raid bosses and unlocking more content.

BlackRockDepths-ElementalBridgeGuardsInv_misc_food_54So what would I like to see? Problems are easy, what about some solutions? Well, I’m not a game designer so I don’t know all the answers…whoah there! Wait a minute I have got some ideas. Multiple ways to do the same thing is what a broad church like Warcraft players want and need. Not trying to force players into the raiding route is absolutely essential too. Timewalking was uniquely placed to kill multiple birds with one stone. Blizzard has a ton of high quality, mostly redundant content. Remaking 5 mans, à la Shadowfang Keep and Blackrock Depths is loved by no one. Faceroll, gear downscaled chain pull will only be utilised as long as it takes to farm out the mounts by those who are motivated. There is a great fondness and affection for rock hard locations in the old world: Stratholme, Scholomance, old Sunken Temple, Zul’Farrak (Carrot on a Stick!), Shadow LabyrinthKarazhan, UBRS/LBRS, Shattered Halls, Magister’s Terrace, Pit of Saron, Halls of Reflection, Grim Batol…why not allow players access to these location unchanged and unmolested presenting the same level of difficulty to players as those who entered them when they were new?

st2snakeThey would be adding potential popular, new content that could be viable for a much longer period. They could add more choices of dungeons, picking from the previous expansion every time a new one is released. Mounts are good, they’re cosmetic and don’t effect game play, Timewalking rewards should be something to work for outside of raids that don’t feed into raid progression. Anything cosmetic then is a perfect reward: toys, transmog gear, unique new gear sets, mount, weapon visual effects (like Mongoose without stat changes). Even the new currency to distance and separate this fun cosmetic end content avenue is fine. Nerfing the dungeons and packing it with 675 – 725 gear is just stupidity, though at this stage in an expansion it’s a passive raid nerf and has no effect on raiding per se, but I’m thinking longer term into how Timewalking can play for Legion end game.

The_Grim_GuzzlerLegion is realistically still eight months away, a simultaneous release with the film was strongly indicated by Tom Chilton. If Blizzard are going to play fast an loose with experimental content, tokens and reward structures at the end of this apparently abandoned expansion why not try this style of Timewalking content? Warcraft had issues on release: pacing; missing quest lines abandoning you with no idea where to go; inappropriately high level mobs in various zones; not enough flight point or mailboxes; no faction linked auction house (for real!); but across the expansions the game has become more and more convenient. Mostly this has been a good thing but a small section of the community: a very vocal and often toxic and hysterical minority has pressed Blizzard to progressively nerf the difficulty of all it’s content. Some of that was required, some most definitely wasn’t.

The_ManufactoryA quiet, larger and frequently more rational section of the community has reasoned that more balance is required. Not to gate and lock out content, but simply to retain challenge and difficulty, in its place, with appropriate rewards. Of course, the Entitlement Syndrome problem is that sufferers honestly believe that because they’ve bought the game and subscribe each month that they should get a magic win button they can press and all the content in the game opens up and all the rewards shower down.

I want a Warcraft that can cater to all (but the most stupidly extreme) needs. Don’t want to raid, join a guild or do cooperative group content? It’s your choice, content has been made to cater to your requirements. It could be again. Want to join a guild, have that guild supported and not undermined by in game mechanisms and systems, want to raid, want to be challenged and tested in cooperative group content? I think there should be options for you (us) too. This content isn’t mutually exclusive either. I raided Heroic (then normal) level in Mists of Pandaria and loved my farm, mostly because there was nothing compulsory about it, when not farming I had herbing and mining and my tiny side passion has always been fishing. I even enjoyed Pet Battling and flying around Pandaria trying to complete all the Tamers, Legendaries and Spirits as quickly as I could became a mini game. I wrote guides on Pet Battling and raiding.

Variety is the spice of life and that includes difficulty at different levels for different content Blizzard. Gamers don’t fall into handy categories very often. Hardcore raiders transmog and pet battle. Role Players raid and love garrisons. Everyone loves fishing…oh yeah, that’s mostly only me. If Timewalking proves just to be another content faceroll for badges and horses I’ll be disappointed and it will be a great opportunity missed.

“I don’t wanna talk about the good old days, ’cause there’s nothing you can do to bring ’em back.”

World-of-Warcraft-end-timeIt’s out! It’s out! It’s got…all the stuff…a mount…and shiz.

5FRQ3NLC8Y8G1444791487245Well, two mounts. Which are easier to create and add to the game than…anything else. Farahlon, for example, or a new PvP talent system. To be fair to Blizzard they have extended Timewalking to include more dungeons: Pit of Saron and some Cataclysm dungeons including Grim Batol. The bosses in these dungeons have a 79WMBVYOFME71444790679062random chance to drop the new Infinite Dragonflight mount. Additionally Valor points are back with some new vendors patched into the game, you can buy tokens to double the ilevel of your gear…or something about gear. The Moose pet we all thought was going into the shop for Legion is now a drop of Archimonde Heroic and Mythic. You did want to do some (semi-)serious raiding didn’t you, AltChat?

The community is knocking itself out with this patch because nothing has been happening and World of Warcraft news is that thin on the ground. In fact everything has been nuts for a couple days with Pepe fever. I am not impressed. It’s just a bit of fun you say. Is it says I? I think there are some points you should consider.

CRNn6_YUkAArKrjThat’s Jonathan Holinka, in the background, Pepe is in the foreground. He’s the head of World of Warcraft PvP Development (Pepe, not Holinka), let me remind you fellow PvEers, that there has been no new Arena or Battleground for two years. Ashran you say? Thoroughly beta tested you say? All the problems beta testers highlighted went unfixed and are still in game now? Racials in PvP are so monumentally unbalanced that almost all PvPers faction transferred or re-rolled Alliance. So what you ask? So only die hard Hordies have insisted on PvPing as their preferred faction and consequently you have extremely long queue times in PvP. Holinka‘s team’s solution. Well, you say, obviously they changed and rebalanced the racials, a lot of people want back to Horde; et voilà. Nah, they just allowed Alliance players to queue as Horde: Mercenary Mode is born.480327

pepeIt just not good enough is it? So all this crap with an in game achievement and tweeting pictures of people with the Pepe plushies is a little bit insulting when Warlords of Draenor is never getting any significant content and Blizzard think selfies with a fucking $20 plushie is something to get excited about. They are laughing at us, or at least that’s how I’m feeling right now.

Blizzard have clearly realised that their remaining subscribers love mounts. So mounts! That’ll get the few of us left throwing ourselves like lemmings into Hellfire Citadel to bag ourselves a stoatswee…oh I can’t keep this up I’m not fucking Panzer. OK, OK! /sigh. This epic new moose with have us all throwing ourselves over cliffs in utter despair. Look I don’t have pink hair, I can’t do it. Someone said something today about nostalgia and Timewalking dungeons. Qelric and I had pretty much the same thought. The once rock hard dungeons we struggled with in TBC and Wrath have been heavily nerfed so they’re now such a faceroll, there is no nostalgia involved. So it’s just old content recycled (poorly). Qelric and I are totally on the same page and bessie mates and stuff. SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM! MY LIFE IS SO EMPTY, EVEN PERKY PANSER WON’T REPLY TO MY TWEETS. I need to get out more.

This is not a lemming. It’s a stoat.

Untitled-15-994x350The beginning of this post might seem like attention whoring and begging for comments. It is, get over it. So now we’ve got that out of the way I can start. This process is valuable and cathartic for me. I get many insights from writing this, your mileage may vary while reading. Recently the precious reward of the odd comment has been sadly lacking. This could be either a) everyone agrees and I’ve put it so eloquently that there is nothing to add or b) they lack the motivation especially if they disagree (and they do), to argue or debate. Guess which one my money is on?

Recently AlternativeChat got fed up and turned off anonymous comment posting on her site. Too many abusive posts. I have two responses to this. First so many comments, some abusive, enough abuse to decide to disable anonymous posting – what a luxury problem. Sorry Alt, that is my jealousy talking (and twisted humour). Also, I only ever wanted to post as Fleety and link to this site. I could post as my Google+ account, including my full name, but actually I do like a measure of my own anonymity and compartmentalisation. I also like Fleety to field all my Warcraft issues. I have tried to register Disqus, OpenID, WordPress accounts but they want too much information or give you things you don’t want, like, in WordPress’ case, a domain(!), I own a domain already and host my own WordPress site so this is stuff I don’t want or need (or wish to keep secure).

Zoe Quinn 2014

Zoe Quinn #gamergate

More importantly, I wholeheartedly support Alt‘s right to turn off comments, all or of any kind, at her website. People do have a right to free speech but not on any platform. If I refused to give your comments a platform on my website who are you going to appeal to? WordPress? Good luck with that? You could try my ISP. Perhaps Tim Berners-Lee will help you. #gamergate revealed a hardcore of hatred and misogyny within the gaming industry towards women. Alt has been unlucky enough to have scratched the surface of this running sore. I mistakenly thought that Fleety could post comments again (and apparently anonymous posters too) at Alt‘s site and wrote some semi-literate remarks which I was overjoyed to lose the minute I pressed submit and the page reloaded without options to post as name/website or Anonymous. I’m going to try, for my own satisfaction, to capture the spirit of what I wrote below.

6086057524_dee8243a23_bContemporary women and feminists are in a very difficult position currently. Radical feminism and it’s misanthropy and middle class, white American, right wing, politically correct agenda has partially discredited the feminist movement. Especially, ironically, with the political right it was born out of. Marxists and socialist feminists and the Left have never had the same difficulties. This is simply because they’ve always focused on the real issue: women’s oppression and the struggle for gender equality. This has always allowed left wing feminists to embrace other struggles for equality, for example that of the broader working class and LGBT groups.

Bbkx5bMCcAEcreBWithout an overarching narrative of women’s oppression many women are forced to address inequality and bigotry only where the encounter it. So gamer girls constantly struggle in isolation with the vile outpouring of vitriol from gamer boys. Trying to address this is to attack one manifestation of a far wider, societal and cultural phenomena. It takes no effort to see manifestations of the hatred of women in all branches of society. As soon as you begin speaking about women’s oppression you can see the current #masculinitysofragile trend that denies the truth of this oppression and substitutes a narrative of the evil, revolutionary left dismantling natural and traditional gender roles, marginalising and oppressing men.

sexism-poster-300x300Yes, men’s behaviour is being controlled societally and as a result of revolutionary movements and changes in culture and attitudes. Women no longer represent property which transfers ownership in the marriage ceremony where the father of the bride “gives away” the property to a new owner in return for a dowry. Marriage is not invalidated only by a woman’s infidelity or proof that she was not virginal before marriage. Giving a mouthy, talking back wife a slap to shut her up is no longer an accepted part of marriage. There is no presumption of consent to sex in marriage and consequently the legal possibility of rape within marriage.

feminism greatHowever, women still form 51% of society and own less than 5% of wealth. There has been a woman prime minister but only 29% of MPs are women. The percentage of women on the boards of the UK’s 100 largest-listed companies has risen over the past year to a record 15.6%. The average full-time pay gap between men and women is at its narrowest since comparative records began in 1997 at 9.4% in April compared with 10% a year earlier, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said, a gap of about £100 a week. However, the change was the result of men’s wages dropping faster than women’s in real terms. The 9.4% average hides many variations, in skilled trades, including electricians, florists and chefs, the gender wage gap is as much as 24% and in management it is still over 15%.

So seeing women revolt against the blatant sexism and misogyny they encounter in one sphere of their lives can hopefully raise their awareness of the prejudices and injustices in all aspects of society and culture. Hopefully, not just of women and other oppressed groups they are part of, but of all injustice and unfairness. We’re also going to need a lot of the other 49%: men.

RosieSexismNo, this post isn’t about Warcraft. However, the World of Warcraft is played by human beings who interact according to norms and mores dictated by society and culture. The culture of gaming is in a much worse place than broader society at present. On a positive note you can look into the abyss of masculine gaming culture and see what men are really thinking about women generally. Some of the excesses of those expressed opinions are only held by a tiny minority, but some of the broader hatred and fear of women expressed is more widespread than you would hope.

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