A kitty's work is never done...what is a MySQL database anyway?

A kitty’s work is never done…what is a MySQL database anyway?

The server has been on the bench for over a week now. It has been a difficult job recovering data from the failed raid array and backing up everything that was left. Transferring data from the server disks to my PC was the hard part. Rebuilding the server OS with Fedora 19 and Amahi 7 and restoring the data and databases was the easy bit.

Cute-Bunny-Pictures-9So, everything is sorted and back online in time for the glorious release of Warlords of Draenor and World of Warcraft’s tenth anniversary. I can’t say I’m terribly excited about the release of the new expansion, I’m hoping that Garrisons are both as good as many people are claiming and not as all encompassing it has seemed from some of the coverage.

I’ve played no WoW during the break to have a breather and come back recharge and refreshed. I’ve mostly been playing the squad, turn-based strategy game XCOM – Enemy Unknown. I could write a few blog entries about it.

To celebrate the server’s triumphant return here is a gratuitous picture of a bunny for no reason at all.