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“So late in the expansion, WTF is this for?” Well, my friends. If you are thinking about trying Heroic raiding (that’s the new ‘normal’ mode for Warlords of Draenor) with your guild in the next expansion, two months away, and you’ve never raided before this is your time to learn some of the skills that are required. Let’s use LFR to train ourselves, let’s be the guy that just quietly dispels everyone, interrupts the killer boss move, stands in the right place to stop adds respawning, the one who kills the engineer, the guy that knows how the fight should be done and instead of screaming at everyone else who is not doing it just gets on with business and tries to see to it that the boss is killed and the LFR group moves on.

LootSpecThis guide is for you. Here are the nuggets you really need to know (and some extra info in brackets). If you need to read and understand this stuff I suggest your may be entering Siege of Orgrimmar for the first time, so I urge you again don’t tank or heal, go see the fight as DPS, get to know it, set your Loot Specialization to ‘tank’ or ‘heal’ but queue as and do DPS. Good luck fellow traveller.

galakrasPhase 1

This is a simple fight for DPS, but let’s finesse it. Waves of adds spawn up the hill and run down to attack you and more importantly the Horde (meh, or Alliance) leaders standing behind you. The main adds for you to concentrate on are Bonecrushers, they will charge and cause Fractures which do massive damage to the NPCs (Sylvannas, Lor’themar and Aethas). If even one of the NPCs dies it’s a wipe. So kill the Bonecrushers ASAP and interrupt their charges. Use any interrupt you have including knock-backs to prevent Fracture damage.

Otherwise focus fire on the Shaman who will heal the Bonecrushers and other mobs and mobs healing is always bad. If you can influence where the mobs are tanked have them tanked on the Flamestrike Aethas drops, it does 200K damage every 2 secs to all mobs.

Volunteer to join the “Tower group” and assault the the two towers either side of the road. There’s just a few things to remember:

1) Don’t even make your way to the towers until the first Kor’kron Demolisher has arrived and taken heavy damage (and has say 25% health remaining).

2) Don’t enter the tower without the tank (and ideally a healer).

3) The mini boss on top of the tower has a frontal cone attack: natural DO NOT stand in it. Perching in the top of the stairs of the first tower is a good plan because he has a tendency to knock you off. Try not to fall down the stairs (warlock may find dropping their teleport a life saver).

4) Make sure someone (if no one else you) rappels down the rope on the road side of the tower (in the corner nearest the raid). Be the DPS who returns after capturing the second tower climb up the rope, gets in the cannon and helps shoot down Galakras. Volunteer yourself if no one else offer at the start.

5) After capturing the first tower drop down and rejoin the raid DPSing whatever mobs they have down there.

6) As before do not move to the tower until the second demolisher arrives and has sustained heavy DPS. Wait for tank and healer if you want to live. At the top kill everything as before and one DPS should jump in the cannon. Another DPS (you shoul’ve volunteered if no one else did) jumps/floats down and returns to the rope hanging down the side of the first tower, goes up and enters that cannon.

7) Liaise with the guys on the ground they ideally want to be between add waves, or close to burning off the ones they have.

8) Shoot down Galakras (the two tower cannon need to hit the boss very close together).

Phase 2

FlamesofGalakrondDrop down, nuke boss. Phase 2 of the fight is very straight forward in LFR. Again let’s finesse it.

1) Stand stacked with the raid down the hill a way behind the boss.

2) If you get Flames of Galakrond on you run back towards the shore. A fiery ball will pursue you and explode (well behind the raid), it decreases in damge the more people it passes through on it’s way to you.

3) If your stack rise too high (DBM warning) stand apart from the raid so not to get hit, or have Flames of Galahrond pass through you. If while standing aside, you are targeted run diagonally backwards and behind the raid, so the Flame ball passes through the raid group and explodes on you well behind them (as before).

Iron JuggernautJuggs is arguably the easiest fight in Siege of Orgrimmar, but LFR groups (and normal groups) frequently stumble.

This is primarily a tank intensive fight. Tank boss swap on 3 – 4 stacks of Ignite Armor, when off tanking jump on the three bombs that spawn in the raid. If you’re an intelligent raider and know how to use damage mitigating cooldowns (warlock: Dark Bargain) you can pop one and take a mine making life much easier for the tanks. Missing mines does raid wide damage and is behind so many wipes. No damage mitigation cooldown stay away from mines.


The boss has a second phase where he leaks Explosive Tar and begins Seismic Activity:


He periodically does one of three Shock Pulses which will knock you back to the closest obstacle behind you. Make it the fence where you came in. Avoid Tar patches as you run back into DPS range. The Cutter Laser is less important in LFR, still, it will follow you and if you drag it through Tar it will explode for 200K raid wide damage.


Ignore the Borer Drill the healers can heal through it in LFR. Try to get out of the large target circles, Mortar Cannon  that form on the ground, but the damage is much smaller than in normal.

KDSThe two Dark Shamen are easily the hardest fight in the first half of LFR (arguably in the top four above Garrosh). The problem with the fight is that there is not approved tactic. You simply kite the bosses and hope for good fortune while moving them constantly away from whatever crap they’re spawning now. The crux of the fight is that the two bosses have a shared health pool (it doesn’t matter which one you DPS, or if you only ever DPS one). They drop foul damaging things on the ground: Falling Ash; Ashen Wall; Foul Stream and stir up whirlwinds: Foul Storms and Toxic Mists.

Simply try to maximise DPS while avoiding standing in crap.

ShamanDroppingsThe tanks job is essentially a dance. Kiting the two bosses around the area as best they can, keep moving in one consistent direction (clockwise appears to be the convention) and moving them out of the droppings, attempting to keep the two bosses relatively close and taunting the other boss at the agreed number of stacks. Keeping their back to the edge of the fighting area as much as possible. Finesse the tanking: Haromm drops a line of slate grey elementals, Ashen Wall, that forms at 90% to the tank when cast. if the Ashen Wall is parallel to the edges and not at 90% criss crossing the field of battle life and movement will be much easier.

If you see a tank actively doing this and getting it right applaud them after the fight. Support fellow ballers!

The DPS have two simple jobs. 1) Throw as much DPS at one, either, of the bosses and if you’re ranged AoE the crap out the green slimes, arrive with the Foul Stream, 2) don’t stand in crap.

The healer’s job is even more simple: try to keep the tanks alive and as many DPS as possible.

Easy to summarise, difficult to master.

NazgrimVery few guides are written specifically for LFR. The mechanics are so nerfed compared to the same ‘normal’ mode encounters it hardly seems worth it. After doing LFR for some time you’ll notice that certain aspects of the mechanics are so nerfed they can be ignored. Then you’ll learn that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and you fellow LFR players have a lot of little bits of knowledge.


1) Shamen heal so have prio.

EyesNot all adds were created equally though. Warshamen need to be held at the back of the room and killed ASAP. That means everyone. Shaman drop a healing totem and will heal the boss up. Needless to say this is bad, you really don’t want to have kill the boss twice effectively. Assassins will target one player, they get “eyes” above their character’s head, all you or they need to do is face the Assassin, stun and slow them if you can and burn them down fast.

Remember if adds are up and you’re DPS-ing the boss you’re doing it wrong.

Heroic Strike2) Heroic Shockwave

Or the big fiery gold line on the floor. Do not stand in it. It could not be simpler. Get out NOW.

3) Ignore Stance (Ravagers tickle)

Yeah, I know. You’re going to catch some crap for this but here it is: prioritize adds, if no adds attack Nazgrim. No buts, no caveats. I’ll be more explicit:

If there are no adds nuke the Kor’Kron Banner (by Nazgrim, dropped by him), no banner or adds DPS Nazgrim, even if he is in Defensive Stance.

A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing and the little knowledge most LFR raiders have about Nazgrim is DO NOT DPS IN DEF STANCE. Now let me explain: never DPS in Def Stance in a normal raid. This is because DPS in Def Stance generates Nazgrim’s Rage, when he has enough Rage he casts a Ravager, Ravagers are spinning axes and as that suggests can cut through a raid like a hot knife through butter.: more Rage = more Ravagers. Ravagers do a lot of damage and will wipe a normal raid. No Ravagers please, so no DPS in Def Stance.

However, in LFR Ravagers are like slowly rotating feather dusters. They do negligible damage. Even three or four whirling around will present a tiny amount of extra damage for healers to cope with. They won’t notice them, honestly (I know I’ve healed LFR), help them as much as you can by avoiding Ravager damage as much as you can, just move. As Ravagers hit for a negligible amount we don’t worry about Nazgrim generating more Rage so DPS during Def Stance is fine. Really. Additionally Nazgrim‘s enrage timer is reasonably tight so especially in a lower DPS LFR groups you need to throw as much damage at Nazgrim, when adds are not up, as you can, so keep attacking him during Def Stance or he will enrage and you will wipe.

Always nuke adds, then get back onto Nazgrim immediately and you’ll control the fight and beat the enrage timer.

SoOBlizzard intend LFR as a “tourist mode” (their words) in which people can see all of the content, catch up with gear and see something of what raiding is like. With that in mind, I thought I’d write a guide to how you can use LFR to learn something about raiding. You can be one of the, sadly few, players in LFR that understands the tactics and will do those jobs necessary to ensure that the ‘raid’ progresses and everyone gets loot.

LootSpec1) Don’t Tank or Heal if it’s your first time.

If you are looking to become a tank, or even a healer, I beg you, please don’t go into LFR the first few times in your chosen role. Enter as DPS and learn the fundamentals of all fights and assemble some basic tanking or healing gear. By right-clicking your character portrait you can change your Loot Specialization. A warrior can be in Arms spec, queue for LFR as DPS and the gear she receives can be for her Protection spec.

The two roles, tank and healer, are so critical that merely ticking the ilvl check-box to get into the instance really is not an acceptable level of gear with which carry out the role. I have seen too many LFR groups wipe themselves stupider trying to carry badly geared tanks or healers who quickly run out of mana or simply do not have the healing throughput. Don’t do it.Immerseus

Note the segmented ring around Immerseus

Note the segmented ring around Immerseus

1) Don’t stand near the tank!

Never stand on the same segment of the area around the boss as a tank, even if you are the other tank. Corrosive Blast will destroy any healer/DPS. Spread around the ring, if anywhere isn’t covered go there and cover that region yourself!

[With average DPS Immerseus will cast Corrosive Blast twice only the first time the raid takes him to 0%. Two stacks of corrosive blast will kill many tanks so the second tank must taunt Immerseus before the second is cast. After the first split it is perfectly possible to solo tank this boss.]

Sha Splash2) Don’t stand in crap!

Sha Pools form under you feet – get out quick. Swirls move across the area around Immerseus: avoid them!

3) Don’t stand in the way of crap!

When the ‘wave of water’ comes either Blink, Warlock teleport, similar, to the edge of the ring, or have a healing cooldown ready.

Am I facing the right way?

Am I facing the right way?

4) Nuke Black Oozes

splitAt 0% Immerseus splits and Sha Puddles (oozes) fly out to the edge of the ring. Burn down as many of the black oozes as possible.This is why you need to be spread out around the ring: any remaining oozes reaching the centre of the room (where Immerseus appears) release massive raid wide damage. Save your healing cooldowns and take your healing potions, healthstones, pop any self heals or damage mitigation at this point. Get back on the DPS as Immerseus reforms.

[Healers will be healing as many of the white bubbles to 100% as possible. Tanks should be DPSing stunning/slowing black oozes as much as they can]

Rince and repeat.The Fallen Protectors

1) Change target!

I can’t stress it eoungh, don’t just focus all your DPS on Rook. At each Desperate Measures phase one of the three bosses will do their signature move. When it’s over switch DPS to the next boss. The accepted sequence is Rook, He and then Sun.

2) Desperate Measures

Rook Stonetoe

MiseryAt 66% and 33% Rook will become stunned and three adds appear: Embodied Misery; Embodied Sorrow; Embodied Gloom. Sorrow and Gloom spawn near where the raid usually is. To be an asset to the LFR group here throw some DPS at Misery, she drops a very annoying ground smash the tank has to dance out of. Just be sure to wait until the Rook tank has picked her up, she hits like a truck!

He Softfoot

Embodied DesperationMisery down (and the other two of course) switch your DPS to He.

At 66% and 33% He will spawn a single add: Embodied Anguish. Target and BURN. Anguish will target 1 player, if it’s you you will get an extra action button. If you have any strong damage mitigation abilities just pop them and tank Anguish for a while then ‘throw’ it to the tank (target tank, press extra button).

Sun Tenderheart

DomeGet into the dome!

If you’re ranged look for the two adds outside the dome: the phase will end when they are dead. They are opposite each other.

The rest of the raid will be metre cheesing by AoE-ing all the tiny adds in the dome.

[The ‘Rook tank’ should have rook facing out of the dome, ideally with the tank standing just inside.]


4) Stack and stand away!

Inferno StrikeInferno Blast

A Yellow Circle around a player with a fire under them in the centre. They will try to run away from everyone – they will die. The damage is shared: it should be spread amongst as many people as possible. You should run into the raid group when it’s on you! If someone else has it and stacks up don’t run away from them, only run away if they are on their own, you’ll die with them.

Yellow Circle – Stack

ShaSearSha Sear

Not such a big deal. Sun sends out a beam that acts like a priest’s Mind Sear – it will damage all those around her target. Simply stand away from others.

Beam from boss – stand away

5) Final Phase (after 6 Desperate Measures – 2 per boss)

Under 25% look which boss has highest health and switch your DPS to them. Rook will usually be well under 10% at this point. When the bosses die separately they come back with a higher percent and you can be there all day.

6) All around 10%? Stack and AoE!Norushen


AddsDamage to adds is translated (unmitigated) to the boss. That’s more damage to the boss. Adds also pulse out damage so get rid of them all ASAP.

Big Add up:  kill big add > no big add: kill small adds >  no adds: damage boss (directly)

2) Manifestation of Corruption (‘big add’)Purple Orbs

The big adds drops a purple orb when it dies. Pick it up. Someone has to and it pulses massive raid damage: you will know when it’s up. Look for it, stand on it, pick it up. This will save the raid.

With 100% Corruption you’ll be transported to another room. The largest add in there drops a ground effect you do not want to stand in. The four small adds periodically shoot a bolt at you and are shielded from the front. Avoid their spells and DPS them only from behind. After a fixed time you’re ported out again. If you have killed all five mobs you’ve cleansed your corruption, your bar will be at 0% and your DPS is significantly higher.

More importantly you can now pick up 4 more purple orbs, at 100% you can no longer pick them up. I’ve seen LFR players running away from purples orbs, to keep the raid alive be the orb collecting guy not the metre cheesing guy.

Sha1) Pride

DBM puts a Pride box up at the start of the fight. Doing it wrong builds Pride, it probably won’t kill you but at Bursting Pride it’ll probably kill (at least) 20% of the raid. Don’t stack Pride. Remember Pride comes before a wipe…fall…something bad.

2) Self Reflections

Small adds drop into the raid group. Run out just before they form (too early and they simply form where you ran to) staying still for Self Reflection builds Pridethis is the biggest raid wiper. Run out as the DBM countdown reaches 1, then announces Beware! (and not before).

Prison3) Prisons

Everyone seems to like skipping over to the left and freeing the prisoner right next to the raid. So keep an eye on the “tank prison” at the back. If one of the tanks doesn’t know (or just as likely can’t be bothered) to free a prisoner then one of the DPS/Healers will need to race down there. Why not you? Remember one person must be standing on both yellow segments at the same timeyou cannot do this on your own.

3) Manifestation of Corruption

The big add at the back: DPS and interrupt. If you have an interrupt make sure it’s on your actionbar in an easy to select position. If you’re a Death Knight Death Grip the big to the back of the raid so other melee don’t need to run all the way to the back to damage and interrupt. Stand apart from the raid to DPS this add and then stay apart: Swelling Pride follows…

4) Swelling Pride

Each time the Sha reaches 100 energy it releases a wave inflicting 100k damage and more importantly triggering Bursting Pride on any player with 25 to 49 Pride.

Bursting Pride

When Swelling Pride hits a player with 25 to 49 Pride the corruption explodes in 3 secs doing 165K damage to all players in 4 yards. Be sure you move away from everyone while DPSing the Manifestation of Corruption to avoid all this damage.


With 50 or more Pride you get a Projection forming within 4 yards, if you do not stand in it it will explode inflicting 250K to all players. Stand in the circular ground swirl with an arrow bobbing up and down over it if you were dumb and stacked Pride!

5) Bursting Pride

For Swelling Pride sub 30% be sure to stand apart from everyone or the Pride stacking numb skulls will probably kill you. Save your healthstone etc, for this point as you may lose half the healers with half the raid. If only five people die from Bursting Pride then count yourself lucky.

6) Rah Rah Rah

If no one says, or if they call for it at the wrong time, pop Bloodlust or Time Warp at 29% if you have it.

7) Stack Up

For a fight that absolutely requires heavy movement, stepping out of Self Reflection, opening Prisons, moving to interrupt the big add (melee), it’s very important for the healers that you stack up around that axe embedded in the floor (where I hope your group started). After moving to address mechanics stack up again quickly.


Ignore adds in the end game to your peril. I have seen DPS switch off and ‘tunnel vision’ on the boss, pop all their cooldowns and metre cheese themselves up the DPS ranks only to wipe at 2%. Keep working the mechanics. Step out of Self Reflection and kill all the little adds, free prisoners, kill and interrupt the big add. Or enjoy wiping at low percent.

Well done you’ve completed part one of Siege of Orgrimmar LFR and you learned some of the fight mechanics. Normal mode isn’t just more, some of the mechanics are so much more powerful that you really have to focus on completely avoiding or combating them. Of course, as tank or healer you will have different priorities but DPS tactics are fundamental and the first few times you do the LFR you should be DPS. The first time you do a ‘normal’ mode raid make your first question: “How does this boss differ from LFR?” If you tried to learn and understand the fight mechanics in LFR you can apply what you learned valuably and make a half decent raider.

I’ll publish a fresh guide when Warlords of Draenor is released and the LFR opens. LFR is here to stay, there’s no reason you have to be a tourist and just expect anyone in the raid who does knows what is going on to do it for you. You can be the guy the makes sure it gets done. You won’t get any thanks but the raids you’re in will wipe less and you will complete your LFR quicker. Good luck and have fun.

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