We know that LFR players are a) tourists and b) idiots. So this is a familiar story, surprising to no one.

I have three addons that I enable especially and only for LFR: Who Pulled It; BadPet and LFRtools.

Who Pulled It

Notifies you of a group member pulling an enemy if everybody was previously out of combat.


BadPet detects hunter and warlock pets who are taunting (growl, taunt, thunderstomp or suffering) in instances and raids, and also helps hunters and warlocks prevent their pets from taunting in the first place.


This addon scans automaticly the raid or party, and assigns roles based on their specialization. When you are not an officer or in LFR a warning message will be printed to the group.

Now these are simply reporting tools. They announce into chat “Who pulled then: Character name”; “BadPet Character name’s pet Pet name use Growl” (etc) and “LFRtools]: Character name-server (SPEC) is in ‘CURRENT SPEC’ specialization”. So, if as DPS you go too early and pull, the whole raid knows it was you. If your pet is using Growl or Suffering (WTF are you using a Voidwalker in a raid for?) the whole raid knows. If you queued as healer and now you’re in DPS gear and spec and not healing, the whole raid will know.

In ascending order of asshattery is: pulling all the time and not allowing the tank; letting you pet taunt off the boss giving tanks an unnecessary fight for aggro; and signing up for LFR as one spec (usually tank or healer) for a quick queue and then trying to get away with doing DPS. I would not be surprised that people like Danblizerian-Stormreaver (mage) would be unhappy at being called for pulling everything in Vale of Eternal Sorrows, but why do people who aren’t pulling, don’t have a pet and are in the correct spec annoyed by these tools?

If everyone in LFR was doing their job and not making other peoples jobs more difficult than they need to be I wouldn’t feel motivated to use these three. If you just object to being told that someone else in the raid is making life difficult don’t whine and complain. Chances are they’ll mess up so badly, sooner than later, and you’ll be looking at wipe and large repair bill. Then you’ll be glad you could identify exactly who it was.

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