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Familiar Story

We know that LFR players are a) tourists and b) idiots. So this is a familiar story, surprising to no one.

I have three addons that I enable especially and only for LFR: Who Pulled It; BadPet and LFRtools.

Who Pulled It

Notifies you of a group member pulling an enemy if everybody was previously out of combat.


BadPet detects hunter and warlock pets who are taunting (growl, taunt, thunderstomp or suffering) in instances and raids, and also helps hunters and warlocks prevent their pets from taunting in the first place.


This addon scans automaticly the raid or party, and assigns roles based on their specialization. When you are not an officer or in LFR a warning message will be printed to the group.

Now these are simply reporting tools. They announce into chat “Who pulled then: Character name”; “BadPet Character name’s pet Pet name use Growl” (etc) and “LFRtools]: Character name-server (SPEC) is in ‘CURRENT SPEC’ specialization”. So, if as DPS you go too early and pull, the whole raid knows it was you. If your pet is using Growl or Suffering (WTF are you using a Voidwalker in a raid for?) the whole raid knows. If you queued as healer and now you’re in DPS gear and spec and not healing, the whole raid will know.

In ascending order of asshattery is: pulling all the time and not allowing the tank; letting you pet taunt off the boss giving tanks an unnecessary fight for aggro; and signing up for LFR as one spec (usually tank or healer) for a quick queue and then trying to get away with doing DPS. I would not be surprised that people like Danblizerian-Stormreaver (mage) would be unhappy at being called for pulling everything in Vale of Eternal Sorrows, but why do people who aren’t pulling, don’t have a pet and are in the correct spec annoyed by these tools?

If everyone in LFR was doing their job and not making other peoples jobs more difficult than they need to be I wouldn’t feel motivated to use these three. If you just object to being told that someone else in the raid is making life difficult don’t whine and complain. Chances are they’ll mess up so badly, sooner than later, and you’ll be looking at wipe and large repair bill. Then you’ll be glad you could identify exactly who it was.

zip-itOn the road again. This new (*rollseyes*) raid team is reasonably well geared and more importantly they seem to have plenty of raiding experience. I didn’t have to burst a blood vessel in my brain healing Norushen last night. I was really impressed with the tactical knowledge of the raid leader. He sent one of the three healers into the other realm to stem the flow of adds outside during the critical last third of the fight. Everyone knew to soak those purple orbs and tanks marshalled the large adds adds nicely. If I was able to slip into a low damage atonement phase to build Evangelism stacks (smart healing) I wasn’t likely to get killed by a large Manifestation.


The Amalgamation of Corruption

Two shots and on to one shot Sha. Ruta got new (Affliction set) gloves at Immerseus, lovely Haste. Ruta almost has a complete second set of gear, heavy in haste and 2pcT16 haste gemmed. Lucky girl!

Holsten_Pils_Imported_330NRBMuch more importantly the team seem really nice and friendly and not interested in attitudes and agendas. I relaxed straight in. However, they do not need me piping up with tactical explanations. No one objected when I talked about the Self Reflections, but too many cooks: I reined it back in. I may be the most experienced T16, normal mode raider in their team (I have seen it all from the perspective of several teams with different tactics) but they don’t need to hear about it, they have a very good raid leader. No on said anything, that’s just a note to self.

I enjoyed another beer in front of the TV to celebrate. Keep Calm and Enjoy Raiding.

A year in review.

trainwreckWow, what a year in WoW. I’ve been hopping from guild to guild like a rabbit on Viagra. To re-cap, again. I have invested emotionally and financially in a guild I thought had many nice, normal people. I then find they are all just guildies who care more about artificial hierarchies, virtual rewards in an online game (gear) and organised online events (raids) than they do about real people, real relationships and people they know and have socialised with in real life. /facepalm #youcan’tmakerealfriendsonline! Got treated like any other guildie and kicked for…drama? Breaching Rule 9 (“The spirit of these rules is more important that the letter of these rules…”) I wrote that, invented that rule? WTF?

Tried to move on, found a guild full of people who just did not care about one another. The really nice Guild Leader who would rather Pick Up Group higher item level, experienced people from outside the guild to carry her to the final raid boss in Normal Siege of Orgrimmar than build a nice guild that wants to achieve that together. It takes all sorts that’s just not for me. Congratulations on Ahead of the Curve Freya.

Took a punt on a guild rebuilding after drama and progressing really nicely through the Siege content. The guild begins to disintegrate when the GM is ill and unable to raid. I work hard pugging, raid leading, tanking, recruiting to keep things going until she comes back. Nol didn’t come back.

One of my recruits runs an Alliance guild and I break ranks, turn cloak and join them. They need a healer fast, I faction transfer Sakkara. They need a tank, I transfer poor Fleety. I tank, I heal, I try to motivate and advise the team funny-pictures-that-crazy-bitch-said-what-nowand back up the raid leader. It starts well, we get on, she chats to me all the time. We talk Warcraft, guilds, raid team. She asks what I think of hers: who is strong who needs help. She points me to a shadow priest and although my knowledge of shadow is limited I compile a forum guide and try to help.

Abruptly the GM is busy and has no time for banter. Concerned and nervous how to broach this with her – things she’s said about drama, emo’s, having to rebuild the guild once (twice?)  already, a recent run in with an alleged “drama queen” officer, all make me nervous about tackling the subject. I’m a bit quiet and reluctant to speak up in raids, I become tense, on edge, a little threatened. After a fortnight I decide to address the GMs ‘apparent’ coolness. She’s not impressed: I’m an emotional leech, emo, a drama queen and sends me a link about dealing with difficult, constantly complaining co-workers.

davidbrentNow I understand! She thinks her guild and more specifically the raid is like a team of employees at work. Her inconsistent, divide and conquer, overly praise one team member, ‘style’ is poorly applied, first year undergrad., Internet management guru crap. I shouldn’t have been phased, I should just have printed and circulated a grid to the team and we could’ve all played Bullshit Bingo in raids. I will miss hearing her talk about winning mind set, tactical granularity and raid synergy. She accused me of being passive aggressive but she posted this in the Shout box on the guild’s website: “If you are too lazy to be raid ready, I am too lazy to carry you through the raid.  Fair? – Grumpy Elf” that’s from the Elf’s “Anxieties of the Casual Raid Leader” blog post. Nice. She should Google Staff Retention, with Internet Explorer (no she really does).

I’m not emo, I just appear to be next to her. She’s not a girly-girl she’s a cold, emotionless…middle management ‘professional’. So I ran away from Alliance as quickly as I could and faction transferred Sakkara and Fleety, back where they belong, within minutes of typing /gquit times three.

I’ve been pugging 25 man Garrosh normal groups, hammering LFR (all of them) repeatedly and destroying Timeless Isle elites trying to work the destro rotation back into my fingers after weeks of Disc Priesting. It’s coming back slowly and I like doing 250K plus. I’ve metered almost 800K too, but that’s cheesing in LFR on trash and means nothing, but you’ve gotta laugh. When I started to pug Garrosh at the weekend I was struggling up to 130K so I do feel like it’s all coming back.

For my Alliance, old guildies. Print out and use between raid tries.

For my old Alli guildies. Print out for something to do between boss tries.

Let the roller-coaster ride of devastation continue! I’ve joined another guild. They’re Horde! Lok’tar Ogar! They’re doing Garrosh, but not mindlessly crashing on him like a wave of terrified lemmings pursued by a deranged den mother (strange metaphor, what could have prompted that?) Hopefully they can turn around quicker after a wipe. Seriously, you know something isn’t quite right after an hour and a half you’ve cleared trash and had one go at the boss. The new team are farming Siege every couple of weeks for a break to kill shiz and grab some more gear! Good plan. I’m in the team Wednesday and in the GMs mind for WoD 20 man raiding. So get stabbing me in the back now if you want to fuck it up for me.

It’s been turbulent lately, I’ve struggled to find an active guild with a low ratio of asshats to nice people. I may be more than a little damaged and carrying armfuls of baggage, but I’m in good company in Warcraft. Will this guild last two weeks, two months or two years? Well that depends on us both, it’s not like I haven’t stayed in one place that long before.

The views of men can only be known, or guessed at, by their words or actions.

GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to Patrick Henry, Jan. 15, 1799


Fleety in a PM to the Guild Leader:

This is really hard to write. I hope it isn’t unwanted aggravation to read I honestly do.

I find it hard to express myself, despite all these words in my head.When I joined your guild with my little draenai priest I just wanted somewhere friendly to hang [as] Vek-Horde was dead. It was obvious when I joined that you badly need a [priest] so I paid to boost Linden, but it was obvious that gearing this late in the cycle was going to take long so I faction transferred Sakkara and later Fleetfoot because you really needed a backup tank.

I did all of this because when I stumbled across you [on] Horde I thought, cool another. I won’t say friend for obvious reasons, but I thought I’d found a mate who was on the same page with me when it came to most things WoW and guilds. [The guild] are a friendly bunch I really like most, if not all, of them. They’re nice people. However, I joined to help out a mate I chanced upon on Horde. I came here because of you.

To begin with things were great we chatted shit all the time. It seemed like if we were online we were chatting shit about something. A fortnight ago everything changed. You don’t seek me out to chat, when I engage with you you’re always busy: just onlne to do some admin; swamped by chat from other guildies; working and can’t really play or chat.

Now all that’s perfectly fine. One of the reasons that this is so hard to write is that I do not want to be that guy. I do not want to be another needy guildie who needs an ego massage or the GMs ear or a quick chat just to keep happy; keep signing up; keep raiding; keep healing for the guild. I don’t need any of this shiz from GMs. I sign, turn up, do my job, leave. I don’t make demands or impose pressures on guilds, raid groups or GMs. I pride myself in trying to engage and understand guild leaders and what they really need to make their lives easier.

I’ve said before now that leading a guild is like herding cats. It’s also its own reward, if not actually totally thankless. I would leave the guild, Alliance, Vek’nilash if I thought you ever felt on logging on; “Hmmm there’s Steve. Suppose I better chat to him, can’t afford to lose another healer.” Which is how (as paranoid as I am) I’m beginning to suspect you do feel. I know I’m Marmite and a lot people don’t understand the humour, the coruscating, self deprecation. I know I can be a double edged sword and a loose cannon rolling around the deck just as capable of delivering massive damage to the target as rolling over and crushing an ally.

So I haven’t known how to bring this up. You’ve become distant and you don’t seek out my company or conversation any more. However, I don’t want you to be someone you’re not, make time for me you don’t have, or give me special attention and treatment.

I thought we were mates and got on really well, something seems to have changed and that upsets and disappoints me (especially as I know I probably did it). I feel like just another guild member now, which, hey! is great a nice place to be and all, but it feels like a huge come down from being your mate.

With respect, your friend,


The Guild Leader’s response:


I’m sorry you feel what you’ve described but I don’t think I deserve ‘the guilties’ for anything. From your perspective I have become ‘distant’; from mine I’m struggling to do what [The guild] needs and keep a grip on my shit IRL.

You say you don’t want special treatment but, forgive me, that’s very PA – you do lol Why do you feel that because I am short of time and prioritising my job IRL and ‘job’ in the game that that’s personally directed at you?! I don’t get it.

Isn’t being a friend of someone having the case where it doesn’t matter if you speak in 2 mins, 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 years, everything is still the same?! What’s strange to me is we do some activity in the guild or /w most days…I’m at a loss…what do you want me to do so you feel I treat you as a friend?!

I have a full time job, I can’t log in to voice or be in the game to do things/chat with ppl through the day and sometimes at night. If I am logged in it may be to just keep an eye on things but I’m actually working and have to be available to deal with customers – I don’t do that, I lose my job=lose my house. Thus, I’m not gonna make any apologies for putting D___, my home, my animals and my job above WoW.

I have already mentioned this to you but I’m customer facing all day, I’m in sales and training. I think it’s reasonable that occasionally I need time to myself and that my friends understand that and don’t take me saying I can’t chat as me ‘dissing’ them or not giving them attention. Why, if I’m busy with guild things and short of time IRL are you taking me having short chats with you as some sort of ‘going through the motions’? Is everything I do some sort of pointed insult at you?! Of course it isn’t. I am straight forward and if I say something, it’s generally to the point and there’s no ulterior motive. I’m not a girly girl, I’m not emo and a lot of the time I’ll do a scen or something with a m8 and to me, that’s cool. Other times, I might chat. But I’m not the type of person to have hours long chats every day with anyone, including friends I have known for many years.

I put my heart and soul into everything I do and sometimes folks seem to think I can be the life and soul of the party 24/7 – unfortunately, I can’t. I’m keenly aware of my own limits in terms of burn out – been there, done that. But if I need to concentrate on keeping the guild and the raid team together, or my stuff IRL, or even take a break from the game for a week, that is for those purposes, it has no politics, no underhanded slights against anyone…it’s just what I feel is right to do and/or I need to do at a given point in time.

Before you imply someone’s ‘going through the motions’ why not take them saying they are stupidly busy as just that, without a paranoia factor 🙂 Trust in the friendship instead of overthinking the actions of the other person and building a story for yourself that just ain’t there.

Er…OK, I see you’re very angry but I’m not sure why. Gloss over it try to keep things friendly…

Fleety back to Guild Leader:

confused-catSorry mate, it genuinely wasn’t easy to write. One reason I didn’t wan to just blurt it out in chat or drag you on TS was I didn’t want to put you on the [spot]: “I’m really busy and now I have to address this!” If I expressed anything badly it’s cause I wrote it quickly and spontaneously because I have a history of agonising over every single word and phase and trying to second guess how the reader will interpret everything and fucking up so badly and writing things so backwards from what I’d intended. It so bathetic you have to laugh.

I just noticed a difference.

Guild Leader said:

…why not take them saying they are stupidly busy as just that, without a paranoia factor 🙂 Trust in the friendship instead of overthinking…and building a story for yourself that just ain’t there.

Yes, of course you’re right. I’m sorry, I am an overthinker always have been, this is familiar territory. I knew that as I began writing, concerned but aware that it was probably simply how busy you were and me overthinking shit again.

On the other hand I have noticed a (small) change in you. A change entirely due to “D___, my home, my animals and my job” and I feel the irritation of your response to my question of whether I may have done anything to provoke this. Feel it and understand it.

I hope this doesn’t sound like irritation or me snapping back…but I’m sensitive to people (despite all appearance to the [contrary]) and I noticed a, however small, change in your behaviour and wondered if it might just have something to do with me (paranoid / egocentric), but at least I noticed and I cared.

I hope I haven’t annoyed you too badly, I’m clear, you really are very busy, and we’re cool from here.

However, it seems we’re not cool from there.

Guild Leader clearly isn’t reading what is written..

bitches-be-crazy-newtons-law“A change in my behaviour…” that’s funny. If you think you have any inkling of understanding me you’re dead wrong lol You know making assumptions and being inclusive are patronising, right?! Someone’s busy and they say, “Hi” instead of having a hour long convo and you think that’s a ‘change in behaviour’… /facepalm

“I may have done anything to provoke this…” get over your ego. Life, the Universe and everything do not revolve around Steve. Stop trying to make out that others actions MUST have some association with you. “and I cared” – about yourself and your needs, not about giving me space and respecting me as an individual.

And don’t pull the, “I did all this for you!” card. I’ve had … people try that one – trust me it ain’t gonna work. In life, do things because they are right. Because they help others. Not because you think there should be some reciprocal emotional ‘coin in the slot’ to you.

As far as the game goes, the passive aggressive comments all the time and the martyr approach are getting wearing – man-up and stop being a baby because you don’t get attention when you want it. You’re behaving like N___.

If you act like a depressive jerk in raids because you want to emotionally leech every day (and don’t get it), you won’t have a raid place. “Sort your shit out and leave it at the door!” as D__ might say.

“Emotional leeches are people who drain your emotional energy. Some variants include the Drama Queen, the Continual Crisis Crackhead, and the Complaining Coworker. – See more at: “

I’ll say to you what I said to N___ – I don’t care to be manipulated. Pack it in if you want to be my friend. It isn’t cool making other people feel grotty and/or emotionally drained to make yourself feel better.

Fleety washes hands of situation:

LaConfused cat 2dy you’re off your head. The extreme nature of your reaction is completely out of proportion. I don’t want to know what your back story is (we all got one), or what shit you’re going through … right now, I have done nothing to deserve this.

Christ I even wrote “Yes, of course you’re right. I’m sorry, I am an overthinker always have been, this is familiar territory. I knew that as I began writing, concerned but aware that it was probably simply how busy you were and me overthinking shit again.”

How this can be characterised as passive aggressive is fucking beyond me. To describe me as a leech is fucking out of order. “If you act like a depressive jerk in raids because you want to emotionally leech every day (and don’t get it), you won’t have a raid place. “Sort your shit out and leave it at the door!” as D__ might say.” Who the fuck do you think you are?

I know you think you’re some hot shot business woman and guild leader but you have no fucking right to talk down to me and be abusive. You’ve built a very nice, social guild that doesn’t deliver the level [of] raiding you want, but don’t take [that] out on me. If your man management is anything like [your] raid leading no wonder you’re based at home and working in tele-sales.

This is a little sad isn’t it? Essentially as it seems grounded in a misunderstanding. The unwarranted assumption that I wanted something. Anyone reading my first PM can see what it’s all about: ‘I enjoyed talking to you and when that abruptly stopped I wondered why? Was it something I’d said or done (that is not an unreasonable question), was there something I could do?’ It also clearly expresses the thought that if talking to me is a chore please don’t do it. I think she’s having a tough time but I can’t sit around and let her take it out on me.

“I don’t care to be manipulated. Pack it in if you want to be my friend.” Er, no, but thanks all the same, I’ve got enough crazy in my life already thanks. Does she genuinely think we could be friends after this slightly unhinged tirade? Really? Or does she think talking to people like this is acceptable…normal?

Consider this leech salted. “Continual Crisis Crackheads” – that would be a great guild name, can I have that?

I haz link for you: Success In Today’s Workplace I hope it proves valuable.


Words. Words. I play with words, hoping that some combination, even a chance combination, will say what I want.

DORIS LESSING, The Golden Notebook


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