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nerdrage1So, as a guild officer I’m already irritated that no one is motivated to run scenarios or 5 mans in guild groups to boost guild coffers. So we switched off guild repairs, except for the raiders, who have been running them, on raid nights. Some no-mark, contributing nothing (even chat), “social” member pipes up for the first time ever – mid raid – asking why he doesn’t have guild repairs. Touchy subject, poor timing, bad attitude…it was a race to the eject button.

Chris won (this time!)Chat(1)Chat(2)

Breaking the Siege some more…

Fleety (tank)I feel like I’ve been progressing to Garrosh very slowly. It’s taken three guilds and multiple personnel but I’m finally into the last part. It’s has been a long and tiring road.

When I first started Siege I was allowed to tank again, on and off. Every week was the same: at least ten minutes discussing tactics. Now that would be fine if they were complex or the fight was significantly harder than the LFR encounter. However, the only issues are spreading the healers out effectively and taunting after a Corrosive Blast. To be honest, it’s just so much easier covering the entire circle with three healers and Immerseus casts Corrosive Blast so infrequently there is no need to taunt immediately (as with Sha of Pride) and after one maybe two splits (DPS dependent) you only need one tank. So what needs talking about? DPS? Stay out of shit on the floor. Healing? Well, we don’t use assignments any more. Tanks? Taunt off the tank with the debuff sometime before the next cast.

When we did get to engage the boss I had the unedifying experience of managing my warriors paltry active mitigation and seeing the other tank die…from Swirl or something equally lame. A paladin tank at that! I’ve never claimed to be an A grade tank, but I do tank and I know when someone else (or myself) is simply hopeless. A paladin dying on Immerseus? Lame. Asking a Disc Priest to try to heal the two tanks. Lame. Weeks and weeks of limping progression and not getting to the Gates of Retribution. Lame.

So I was kicked from that guild for…I don’t know, something. So I cast around for another guild and found one I thought might fit the bill. In retrospect it was an error by the GM and on my part, her offering me an officer role and me accepting almost immediately after I joined. It turns out we wanted very different things from a guild. I wanted to recruit our way to Garrosh, build a friendly team, gearing on the way and putting the guild infrastructure into place around us. She seemed to place raid progress and her rush to Garrosh over the guild.

The GM wanted to reach Garrosh and start doing heroics at any price. That seems harsh, but drafting in better players, with better geared alts from other guilds doesn’t strike me as building a guild. It’s progress by PUG with all that entails. I was allowed one shot at raid leading, which went reasonably well except for being abused by some PUG numb-nuts and the guild’s seventeen year old (now main) monk tank. At Spoils I had my reforging questioned by someone who obviously knows their theorycrafting, unfortunately so do I. Patronised and mocked is not how I opt to spend a guild raid night. I have LFR for that.

SpoilsI see that they’ve reached and downed heroic Immerseus. Good for them. Do I regret leaving the guild? Not for a second. I’ve always put guild community and achieving something as a collective above progress. A lot of guilds say they do, but then their actions contradict their talk. Using a fixed ten raid team is a feature of this dissonance: we want to concentrate raid gear and experience in ten characters to maximise our potential to progress. That’s all very well, but especially in “social” guilds not everyone can attend every week, so you need another tank (or person in the raid team with a tank character / spec), at least one extra healer and an extra DPS (or two). What do these people do when they can’t raid because all the people from your team of ten, in their raid role, are available? Do they get automatically passed over in favour of your team? Or do they get counted as valuable team members and guildies and you make every effort to include them when you can? Raid with the same ten when able or accept a raid team is really up to fourteen people? Embrace equality and let anyone who wants to and has a half decent gearing to raid? Would you rather raid with your guild, even new recruits with a pretty low ilevel, or would you much rather include someone, from another guild, with their highly geared alt?

There are many approaches and many solutions to raid team filler and highly geared alts from other guilds. There are many guilds out there, all doing it slightly differently, finding one that suits you is the key. I also think GMs and officers need to be more honest (especially with themselves) and transparent about how they do actually run things. If you say you want to be fair in all things but in reality don’t want to rotate the raid team fairly, including everyone, and simply using people as filler when you have a raider out, then expect to be called on it, repeatedly. I think it’s laughable to claim you run a nice friendly guild and then when one of your officers is having a really tough time in their real life to simply demote them because they’re not online enough (and send them a text about it). I think you must either be very thick skinned and a little lacking in intelligence or a lot more shrewd, manipulative and dishonest than anyone suspected. One thing is certain you are getting some extremely bad and malicious advice whispered in your ear and I’m not the only person to say it.

ThokIn my current guild we have all the perennial guild problems. Recruitment, not always having ten raiders online on raid night, not enough tanks or healers, LOLFR raid recruits. The latter are an unfortunate bunch. 10 man raiding is designed to be challenging. To make it viable, even possible to progress smaller social guilds have learned that their are two approaches to raid progression. Either you make certain demands of your raiders or you fail. Even small, social raiding guilds require characters geared to a certain level, this level will inflate slowly across a raid tier as gear becomes more available and people with it more common. They also require voice comms and a few addons: DBM usually (and some GTFO – there’s no excuse for standing in crap ever). Of course you have to turn up regularly on raid night(s). LOLFR raiders go to Siege LFR and think “This is OK, I’ll try this with the guild on “normal” difficulty.” Either they fall at the first fence: “I don’t use addons,” or installing and using voice comms is unacceptable and usually elicits “I thought this was a ‘social’ guild?” If they actually make it to their first raid the LOLFR raiders usually cause the wipes and then whine at wiping on a progression bosses for hours. Either they leave the raid early (some convenient emergency) and / or they never sign up to raid again. Raiding is too hardcore and intense and the guild want you to jump through all these stupid hoops.

Fortunately my present guild is now through all that…again…for the time being. At the moment we have a nice, tightly knit little raid team. We have two good tanks and reasonably geared backup (yay, Fleetfoot). We have two good healers and a good off spec one and a half decent, disc, stand in, third, half healer (maybe that’s saying too much for Sakkara). DPS is pretty good. I say pretty good because my ‘lock is bottom of the metre again. I don’t mind too much as my output is adequate and I am out of practice. I’m out of practice as I’ve been tanking with Fleetfoot again. I was tanking on our breakthrough night last Wednesday. RutaBreakthrough because the team hit its stride and roared to Malkorok in three hours. Yes, I tanked Shaman with my warrior. I know I have weaknesses: using an orb and facing the tanking encounter at Norushen – I cannot keep myself alive; Malkorok: I struggle to remember where all the Arcing Smashes have been places and get the raid to safety during Breath of Y’Shaarj. However, I must be doing something right to survive seven bosses in one night (healers are probably flexing their aching fingers and weeping over their keyboards). I was the last tank alive at Shaman, yay me!

On Sunday we brushed Malkorok aside almost negligently. I had expected the Spoils of Pandaria encounter to take a little longer for our new tank to learn, I was back on Rutå and DPSing progression content again. However, two goes were all Spoils required and after three goes at Thok (and less than a line of blog space) we were ready to try Siegecrafter Blackfuse a couple of times. The biggest enemy we have to defeat now is complacency on the first six bosses and the despair from wiping early in a raid on farm content. Fingers crossed tonight will see another steady roll up to Spoils and not a stuttering struggle to Galakras. However, it’s all part of the normal progress of a small raiding guild as it discovers it character and resolve.

Breaking the Siege of Orgrimmar has not been easy, especially for guild hopping moi. Finally I think I’ve found another long term home I can sink roots into and make a decent investment in. “We’re getting closer now to being apart, I kinda knew that people right from the start.”


I can’t keep my mouth shut, it’s pathological. I genuinely can’t and I’d so like to be able to. However, knowing this about myself it’s of no surprise that from time to time (and on a reasonably regular basis) I will annoy or frustrate people. It’s the Internet, nothing in game matters does it and we aren’t exactly friends now are we? So getting abuse, even the odd bit of, out of the blue, random abuse is not all that surprising. However, am I so frightening that someone, seemingly from my days on Dragonblight (over two years back), would roll a level 1 on Vek’nilash just to send me some abuse before logging off and deleting the character? Apparently I am that terrifying, this amused me, maybe it will put a smile on your face.


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