GalakrasWell, we’ve had a month of pretty stuttering raiding. Illness and real life has caught up with several people, including myself, and raids have been cancelled hand over fist.

Last nights raid was a little ramshackle with one PUG, Nol, drafted in from Infamy. She’s really fun and it’s her second time out with us so she’s starting to know what to expect. We hammered through the first four bosses on Wednesday and we not really looking forward to the waves of adds plus dragon fight.

Norushen continues to be a pain in the ass, we just needed to reorganise our personnel and get the orb use order and four or five attempts saw us moving on to the Sha again. Just a couple of goes were required for us to batter down the Sha of Pride and we called it with fifteen minutes left on the clock because Galakras trash can take longer than that some days.

Last night we crashed against the waves of attacking Kor’kron defenders all night. The problem appeared to be that we couldn’t get enough DPS and, perhaps more importantly,  interrupts down on the Bonecrushers. Too many fractures sustained by the NPCs we’re cause the event to reset. Towers were going pretty, well I did manage to get hit by Arching Smash once, but I didn’t drop that warlock teleport for nothing. I had a moment of panic trying to find the button and was almost at the ground – and you’re back in the fight.

Last try of the night and the team are discussing tactics. They did some tweaking, reiterated that DPS should focus fire and the order of priority. I have to admit I don’t think anyone would’ve supported the idea of only sending one DPS up the towers (it would take forever) but we just needed to burn down Bonecrushers and Shamen and prevent as many fractures as possible. So I er…”forgot” to go into the towers. It was only at the Iron Juggernauthalfway point in the north tower that the tank noticed how long it was taking and asked “It’s taking forever in here, where’s Ruta?”

Just as well we managed to shoot Galakras down for the first time that night. Even better that we also managed to kill her. 5/14 – locking the raid to punish, the rumoured to be much easier, Iron Juggernaut. Bring it on.