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LongestDayThe following list is also laid out in a suggested order for making your way around the continent.


Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Thundering Pandaren Spirit
– Rapana Whelk / Lil’ Smoky / Infected Squirrel

Kun Lai Summit

– Death’s Head Cockroach [Apocalypse] / Rapana Whelk / Silkbead Snail
Cast [Apocalypse] swap in Whelp, cast [Dive] for Whirlpool hit and both molluscs should see you through 15 rounds.
– Wildhammer Gryphon Hatching [Flock] / Skywisp Moth [Call Lightning] / Garden Moth
Open with [Sqwak] and [Flock] until dead. Hit Kafi with [Call lightning] as soon as you swap the Skywisp in.
Grand Tamer Yon
– Rapana Whelk (+) / Elder Python / Lil’ Smoky (+)
Round 1: Apply [Shell Shield]; reapply when Shield is at 1, don’t allow to drop off.
Round 2: [Dive]; use on cooldown.
Withdraw Whelk as soon as Piqua is dead.
Use [Launch Rocket] on Bleat

Townlong Steppes

Burning Pandaren Spirit
– Rapana Whelk (+) / Silkbead Snail
You often kill all three opponents with the Rapana Whelk.
Round 1: Apply [Shell Shield]; reapply when Shield is at 1, don’t allow to drop off.
Round 2: [Dive]; use on cooldown.
Perfect opportunity to level a pet, however, do not open with it. If it survives until the end finish off the Fly with it.
– Emerald Turtle / Elder Python / Garden Moth
Ti’un the Wanderer
– Death’s Head Cockroach (Apocalypse) / Nordrassil Wisp (/ [Magic])

Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Grand Master Aki
– Arctic Fox Kit / Emerald Proto-Whelp / Garden Moth
Save Fox’s [Howl] for Stormlash. Use [Dazzling Dance] as an opener, so that the Fox kit is faster than Stormlash and can [Howl] before he dies.
– Wildhammer Gryphon Hatching / Skywisp Moth / Flying (maybe needed)
Try to use [Flock] twice, once before dying then the moth will undoubted two shot No-No.

Dread Wastes

– Gareden Moth / Emerald Turtle / Lil’ Smoky
– Kun Lai Runt / Clockwork Gnome / Lil’ Smoky
Flowing Pandaren Spirit
– Emerald Proto-Whelp / Twilight Fiendling / Eternal Strider
Emerald Bite | Proto-Strike to open and if the Proto-Strike hits and you Ancient Blessing is well timed you will survive the multi round aquatic attacks and be well on the way to solo-ing all three pets with the Proto-Whelp. The Twilight Fiendling’s role is to kill Riptide ASAP and then die to the Water Spirits multi-round attacks. The Eternal Strider needs to rounds to pump and take down the Water Spirit.

Krasarang Wilds

Skitterer Xi’a
– Wildhammer Gryphon Hatching / Skywisp Moth / Moth or Eternal Strider [Pump]

Valley of the Four Winds

– Arctic Fox Kit / Emerald Proto-Whelp / Emerald Turtle
Lead with [Howl], if you can get three [Bite]s on Greyhoof and take him under 1k health you have a good chance to kill him even with a Proto-Whelp miss.
Baby Blizzard Bear is a good third pet if you have one.
[Dazzling Dance] [Howl]
Lucky Yi
– Death’s Head Cockroach [Apocalypse] / Kun lai Runt / Flayer Youngling
– Arctic Foxling Kit [Howl] / Emerald Turtle / Lil’ Smoky

Krasarang Wilds

– Lil’ Smoky / Emerald Proto-Whelp / Garden Moth
[Emeral Bite] on the moth.

Jade Forest

Ka’wi the Gorger
– Arctic Fox Kit / Elder Pyton
– Emerald Proto-Whelp (+)
– Unborn Val’kir / Infected Squirrel / Arctic Fox Kit ([Howl] -> [Bite])
Whispering Pandaren Spirit
– Emerald Proto-Whelp (+) / Nexus Whekpling (+)
Open with [Emerald Bite], [Ancient Blessing], [Prot-Strike] and unless you missed another [Emerald Bite] Will take Dusty down. You should be able to half Whispertail’s health before losing your Proto-Whelp. With the Nexus Whelpling cast [Arcane storm] then [Mana Surge] and the Pandaren Air Spirit should be all but dead before the Whelp expires. A snail/whelk or another dragonling will finish the job off if required.


Winterspring Trixxy (lvl 19s)
Hyjal Brok
– Lil’ Smoky (-) / Emerald Proto-Whelp / Eternal Strider
Moonglade Elena (lvl 17s)
Felwood Zoltan (lvl 16s)
Ashenvale Analynn (lvl 5s)
Durotar Zunta (lvl 2s)
Northern Barrens Dagra (lvl 3s)
Stonetalon Mountains Zonya (lvl 7s)
Desolace Merda (lvl 9s)
Southern Barrens Cassandra (lvl 11s)
Duskwallow Grazzle (lvl 14s)
Thousand Needles Kela (lvl 15s)
Feralas Gluk (lvl 13s)
Uldum Obalis
– Lil’ Smoky (-) / Nether Faire Dragon / Flayer Youngling


– Rapana Whelk / Tolai Hare Pup…


Howling Fjord Beegle
– Emerald Proto-Whelp (Emerald Bite)
Dragonblight Okrut
– Tolai Hare / Tolai Hare Pup / Kun Lai Runt
Crystalsong Forest Nearly Headless Jacob
– Frogs (Tongue Lash & Swarm of Flies)
Zul’drak Gutretch
– Plains Monitor (-) / Golden Civet (-) / Kun Lai Runt (-)
Icecrown Grand Master Payne
– Lil’ Smoky / Electrified Razorscale / Emerald Turtle


Shattrath Morulu
Nagrand Narrok (lvl 22s)
Zangarmarsh Ras’an (lvl 21s)
Hellfire Peninsula Nicki (lvl 20s)
Shadowmoon Valley Grand Master Antari (lvl 24s)
– Emerald Proto-Whelp / Emerald Turtle / Flayer Youngling

The suggested pets worked for me but I only had a limited selection of 25s. These pets do work, however for some fights (particularly the Beasts of Fable) you may need more than one shot at downing the pet(s). Check Wowhead for alternative pets and tactics.
(+) Optimal pet.
(-) is a sub- / non-optimal pet (though one that did feature in a winning team).

Please post any recommendations it you nukes trainers, spirits or Beasts of Fable with any other combos! Happy

It’s only a game…

As a philosopher I’m used to people approaching problems “from the wrong end”, starting with a conclusion and working back to an appropriate question. It’s a question of framing, you can frame a discussion and therefore limit it’s area of reference to produce the resultant conclusion you’re looking for.

World of Warcraft is unquestionably a game. It’s a video game, we play it on our computers. This is not in question. Gear rewards for raid are just a set of pixel that adorn your character and increase it’s power. They are in themselves meaningless in our ‘real world’, they count for nothing. In the game we slay creatures that have no real existence, often dragons and other mythical beast. The people we kill in PvP don’t die. Even in the death throes of their character their only thought “Is damn gotta rez my char and corpse run now…” Nothing that we do within the game is intrinsically important with a value beyond the game. So when people say (and they do all the time) it’s only a game it doesn’t matter, nothing that we do matters are right? Sadly no. Some of what we do does have a broader, ‘real life’ importance.

How can anything we do in and around a video game matter in any sense? Well the answer is part of what makes MMO generally interesting to people. It’s the Multi-player bit. We spend time and interact with other player. For most people playing Warcraft the fact that they do so with other people that they can interact with and even cooperate with is what makes it involving and interesting. Your interaction may be fleeting and brief passing a complete stranger in a remote region of the gaming world and they stop to buff you before riding away.  Your interaction my be more protracted. It takes many hours, on many different days for the average group of acquaintances to clear a whole raid dungeon. Indeed their chances of doing this are dependent upon having another nine people with them. You cannot enter a current content dungeon alone and expect to kill anything, let alone a very good piece of epic quality gear dropping boss.  Most people have concluded that to make any significant progress in these raid instance dungeons they require a fixed group of people that they can work with cooperatively over the medium to long term: a grouping known in World of Warcaft as a guild.

What makes Guilds so successful is that the people no one another. They know how they play, they know something of their commitment to trying to excel and cooperating with the other members of the team. Guilds have developed an etiquette and customary rules over the years that you now see everywhere. The purpose of these rules is to ensure that raid a) happen (on time), b) are likely to succeed (in slaying soem dragons) and c) weed out people who aren’t good, committed to the team’s aims or cooperative. Guild rules are an acknowledgement that nothing in World of Warcraft raiding can be achieved without the commitment and cooperation of (at least) nine other people.

Being in a Guild and raiding with a Guild is beneficial since cohesive groups of raider who make and effort for each other will progress and succeed in it’s ingame objectives much better than a random grouping of ten strangers. The price for these benefits is your time, commitment and cooperation. So, “It’s only a game…none of this matters,” demonstrates a very bad attitude that Guild members in World of Warcraft have no time or respect for. Some things related to this game do matter. They reside ultimately in the fact that people invest time, thought and energy in the game to achieve their objectives. If you raid with them it’s worth remembering that if they had decided to forget raiding that night and go to the pub with mates then you might have to miss a raid night and when you’ve engaged with other people, to do something together that’s disappointing. The person who just said “It’s only a game it doesn’t matter…” and when to the pub is thoughtlessly disregarding the feelings and objectives of nine other people.

World of Warcraft is more than a game in some respects. It becomes more important that a mere game when you involve a group of people. We may invest one night a week to enjoying this game by raiding, we might invest seven. I don’t care what your opinion of the game is, I only care what your attitude to my time is and whether or not you’re prepared to waste it with your lack of consideration.

You can play the game World of Warcraft on your own as much as you want, any way you like and that’s entirely your business. If you want to access raiding content with a fixed, Guild group of people that you know then you not playing on your own as much and you can’t play any way you like. You have to consider yourself as having a commitment to your fellow nine plus raiders. The reward for your commitment is them accepting you to raid with them. The result of demonstrating the wrong attitude to their time and personal objectives int he game is them not wanting to arrange to raid with you.

It is only a game, but trying to engage nine other people to raid every week with you is only possible if you dignify them with the thought that they may have something better to do with their time than sitting twiddling their thumbs unable to do what they’d organised because you didn’t turn up. It’s only a game, but you play it with nine other nerds who have no life (worth worrying about) outside the game who may just refuse to waste their valueless time with you if you allow them to see how much contempt you have for that time. It’s only a game, but if you don’t want to be reliable and show some commitment to the people that you raid with then Blizzard has some content for you. You can access it though the Looking For Raid interface you can enjoy similar raid content with people who have not the slightest consideration for you, have fun.

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