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LOL Will people never learn. You don’t have private whispers with Fleetfoot and Ruta. Never, not at all. People will keep painting themselves into corner and blaming me for not being able to get out clean. Here’s another muppet with a sub-standard comprehensive education. When will they ever learn…just remember, he’s not bothered…at all. ;D


As usual the only editing is to remove extraneous trade and guild chat. Apart from that it’s unexpurgated. I have no issue with this Infamy@Vek’nilash guild and honest you’re welcome to them. Enjoy. Oh, just one small point…I think you may have guessed already but he did get kicked out of the guild tonight. “When I decided to leave…” heh, no…no. 😀

Fat twat behind the keyboard?! Could he mean this webcam shot of me…? Nah, shurely not. ;D

It’s the same old song…

To say that I’ve seen it all before in this game would be quite an understatement. I’ve seen it all, at least once. I have been in the particular situation I find myself today before. So I’ve already talked it through and discussed it with people I trust. So all my arguments and ideas are well developed already.

So what guild drama have we had? The loot drama essentially. All the usual discussions and all the usual outcomes. To summarise we discussed how we hand out loot in our raids. A few people argued we should strengthen progression by prioritising raiders: the usual suspects that (can) turn up most weeks. They went further and suggested we also prioritise raiders for raid slots. This is all very reasonable, adults should be able to suggest changes and then discuss them and come to a decision. For my own part I tried to take any sting out of the discussion. Finally the officers stepped in and reiterated the nature and style of our social guild and their decision that raiders, veterans or even the GM should not be prioritised for raid slots. For my money that’s that, even if it hurts our progression, we’ll just bumble along trying to accommodate anyone who wants to raid to do so whenever they can.

I don’t have an issue with anyone who disagreed with me just because they disagreed with me. I simply don’t like any prioritising of one group of guildies (even if it includes me), for raid slots or loot, it creates an elite that others then struggle to break into. However, I don’t object to people floating the idea in order to push progression. I simply don’t want to exclude anyone for reasons beyond their control, for example, not always being able to raid because of children, none gaming partners, work shifts or any other pressing aspect of real life.

I do have an issue, however, with raiders who react childishly and petulantly to not getting their way. We decided, as a guild, to unequivocally sacrifice raid progress for inclusion and fairness. This is where the problems, and the irony, began. Two guild members withdrew their raid signups. not only for the current week, but for all upcoming raids. Shortly before the raid time these guildies were online and organising a raid (to a legacy raid dungeon) outside the guild. Now I’ve been in some guilds, hardcore and more socially oriented, but if they raid their rules are usually quite simple. If you’re in our guild you raid with us and if you raid outside the guild you’re out of our guild. We’re, much to my dismay, but probably greatly to our credit, much more forgiving than that. Ironically, if these two were in a more serious, progression raid guild they’d be out of it instantly for organising a PuG raid on a guild raid night. Naughty.

It sadly doesn’t end there. Without discussing what they were doing with anyone our two disgruntled guildies removed their raiding mains from our guild and joined another raiding guild. Most readers, if they have played WoW for any length of time, as I have, especially if they remember the guild etiquette and rules from ‘vanilla’ WoW raiding, will be thinking “No discussion, no hesitation, no guild membership.” Frankly, I don’t know how they managed it but they convinced our GM and an officer that they were genuinely confused and upset that people were angry and upset with them taking our investment, of two tenths of the guild’s raid gear this tier, to another guildand were allowed to keep their alts in the guild. Er..? WTF They’re young we were told, they were silly, their alts are still in the guild…they want to socialise with us.

Well, I don’t agree that their youth is a valid excuse for behaving like asses. So I told one of them, unequivocally, in guild chat – so everyone could see exactly what I thought and exactly what I said – I didn’t think he should be in the guild and where he could go. Expletives not deleted. I took the exceptional step of placing all their alts on ignore. I didn’t /ragequit this great guild because I don’t like how two other members behaved.

That was a fortnight ago. I changed roles and dusted off Fleetfoot’s tanking set (I’d already been working on it) and a new member, Precious, has proved as good as her name and delivers valuable, top drawer healing. DPS is as ever ten a penny (LOL). If our two guildies thought we’d struggle without them, miss them and beg them to come back they were in for a shock. Indeed, last night we had what was for us a first rate night. We one shot Jin’rokh and Council, Horridon took two attempts, then we poked Tortos a few times. Progress after losing three raiders: two tanks and a sometime healer. I wonder if they whine in their new guild like one of them did about not getting gear and are sullen and churlish about switching roles (or char) mid raid to assist the guild? To be honest, far from struggling our raid progress has actually improved since they left. Which brings us right up to date.

So why today, I can’t help wondering? These two have been on and off their alts for a fortnight without interacting with anyone. Despite wanting to stay in our wonderful social guild (perhaps so we would beg them to stay when our raiding spectacularly failed after they took their mains away, I don’t know) I don’t think anyone could argue they’ve been very social or interacted with…well anyone…so why whisper me today? One of them whispered me and asked why I was making it so uncomfortable for them remain in the guild when “the issue” was all sorted out? What by completely ignoring them? Confused. I can’t and would never prevent anyone else speaking to them…or either of them speaking to other guildies.

As I said at the time, this is the guild, this is how we raid, this is how we do loot, the officer’s have decided, if you can’t live with it no one is forcing you to stay. If you can live with it see you in the raid next week. Equally, if I didn’t like them in the guild I could leave or suck it up and just not interact with them personally. Like I always say opinions are like arseholes: everyone has one. If I don’t like an individual in a guild I just try to have nothing to do with them, just don’t fuck with the other people in the guild and we’ll be fine. If you love a guild and want to be in it only two people can make you leave – you yourself or the Guild Master. I’m not even an officer. So how is it all my fault? Really, why today? So the one I talked to (in whispers, that’s the way these people do business) said in guild chat (knowing I couldn’t see it) “If you want to know why this is happening ask Steve,” and then guild quit. Interestingly no one said anything in guild chat or asked me a single question. Could that be because no one cares about the opinion of someone who behaves petulantly and takes their raiding main to another guild? Just a question…

Later on the same disgruntled guildie whispers our GM and asks him to, long story short, “deal with” or “do something about” me. Why do sad little boys always run to teacher to fight their battles for them? Naturally, our GM has to ask what should he do and why should he mediate a (school-yard) disagreement between two adults. He must have wanted to say “Look he doesn’t like how you behaved, you don’t like him because he had a pop and told you where to go, stay out of each others way.” It becomes increasingly significant that they’re teenagers, we changed Guild Policy to only accept over twenties for a reason. Now I haven’t guild quit because they are being tolerated in the guild after treating all the members and the raid with so much disrespect. However, because the GM won’t discipline/kick me he’s going to /ragequit. Welcome to the blog!


Whispering me mid raid, while we’re fighting Tortos tonight (surely he remembers our raid times after only two weeks) is petulant and immature (again). I did read his whisper out to the raid as it came in. As regards “you have done this before etc…” Gratz for being able to read, and thanks for reading this blog. It’s all in here, I have no secrets. If you want to know more check the About Fleety section I think it covers most of the bases. Alleging I’ve seen guild drama before is not news. I’ve seen it and know how to deal with it. I also like to drag stupidity out into the light where everyone can laugh at it. He “can’t wait until [I] fuck up and destroy the guild…” well, I don’t mind his sentiments as they refer to me, but wishing the guild be destroyed? That seems nasty and ungrateful to me, as is “…enjoy your wipe fest.” I’ve played the game, I’ve raided, I stood up for friends, I’ve been involved in guild drama but I’ve never destroyed a guild, that I can recall…or wished that on any guild.

TL:DR. Guildie is a twat to other guildies, continues to behave moronically, Steve rears up and bites. Guildie hates Steve. Guildie gives GM ultimatum. Everyone hates ultimatums and GM calls guildie’s bluff rather than being forced into doing something about Steve, who at the end of the day has fallen out with one person for messing with his friends, and has only called someone on being an arsehole. Really? Steve has an opinion, it’s his own, GM doesn’t agree with it either, everyone has an opinion etc, get over yourself. Guildie has backed himself into corner, too proud to back down. Tries to blame Steve for quitting, indeed for everything including global fiscal crisis, throws dummy and dolls out of pram, flounces out and /ragequits. Old story, it’s the name of the blog FFS. Been there, done that. Now it’s the same old song; But with a different meaning since you been gone…

All that remains is for some illogical vitriol in the comments below.

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