Hacked!…to vent and let off some accumulated steam.

/ragequit was hacked…months ago and I took the site down to thoroughly clean it. I ended up rebuilding it and importing posts and comments into a fresh platform. Everything *seems* to be working OK.

I took the opportunity to change my domain hosting provider. I transferred www.ragequitblog.com from GoDaddy to Cheapnames. Basically, I changed the company that registers my domain on the ‘net for me and provides tools for me to configure where it points to. The domain ragequitblog.com points to my home server. I moved away from the massive GoDaddy because they adopted a stance that not only submitted to but celebrated the SOPA legislation. Google it…if you like. I actually did something proactive and voted with my (tiny) wallet and left GoDaddy. They have had a customer led about face and changed their stance on SOPA, but too late for me.

It’s a lesson I already knew so why did I have to change two things at once? When the blog wouldn’t resolve from the domain name, and the login page for my server’s web admin appeared, I couldn’t be sure where the issue was. Was the problem at my end, on my server? Was it my WordPress blog or my web hosting set up? Or was it with the domain redirection – from anywhere on the Interwebs to my server – at Cheapnames? Did I have a clue what I was doing?

Well, yes and no. The Cheapnames configuration was fine…but can I set up my server for web hosting? Well, not twice it seems…but I got back. As you can see. ;D

Heh, normal ranting will resume shortly.