/facepalmI frequently rant about how my time and energy is wasted in this game by retards. It may appear that I’m just some MMO elitist with little or no patience with newcomers to the game and individuals who haven’t experienced a particular fight or make mistakes.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. No one, and I mean no one, is more helpful and welcoming to new players, or players experiencing content for the first time. I have a few rules though.

Rule 1: the most important rule, inexperience is not a crime or an embarrassment, this is a MMORP Game, not your virginity. If you don’t understand the mechanics of a fight simply own up and ask where to stand and what to hit. That’s it. I don’t even insist people come straight out with this either. If we don’t wipe you’re probably doing OK and if the boss goes down I don’t care if you: lost aggro a couple of times; couldn’t keep one of our party alive; did low DPS. If the boss went down you did enough. My requirements and expectations have been set very low by sad and sorry experience.

Rule 2: if you don’t know the tactics, or even think you did but we wiped, listen to the tactics and if they’re new to you adjust and work with them. If they don’t work we can go back and try over with the tactics you know.

I’ll recount a Stonecore Heroic run from this evening that is illustrative of the breakdown of a group because of a catastrophic failure to follow these two simple rules.

OK, we’re at the second boss, for those who don’t know her it’s a simple tank and spank. For the tank anyway. The difference is that DPS have to focus on something other than nuking the boss down in this fight. She has three adds, all struck by a purple (Life Drain-like) beam. You have to interrupt that beam, by standing behind the adds, between them and the source of the beam. The beam stacks a debuff on whoever is struck by it: add or party member. If either gains 100 stacks of the debuff they transform into something large and aggressive that kills other party members. It’s not rocket science but you have to get into that beam pretty sharpish and out of it again quickly, before you stack to 100, let the debuff fall off and jump right in again.

[Party Member 1] me middle
[Ruta] Ruta left

Tank charges in…leaving the DPS standing open mouthed.
Healer leaves the party.
Party Member 1 leaves the party.

Ruta covers her face with her palm.

The most important rule flouted here, clearly. It gets worse. The tank wouldn’t corpse run, he queued us again and guess what happened when the new healer and DPS ported into the instance? Right next to the boss? Yeah, another wipe…

[Ruta] Right that’s two wipes because the tank doesn’t know what she’s doing.
[Tank] How is it my fault.
[Ruta] You charged in before we allocated DPS to the adds, then you refused to run in and got us wiped again as people ported in to where you are, lying dead by the boss. How is it not your fault?
[New Healer] c’mon guys lets just do this
[Ruta] Ruta left.
[Tank] no she didn’t
[Ruta] …will take the beam on the left.
[Party Member] Is this guy for real?

The tank charges in.

I got a 30 minute dungeon cooldown for that! Thanks Blizzard.

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