We all had high hopes for Catacylsm, most if not all have been met. I still have an issue with instancing and of course my issue is with PuGs. I had dared to dream that content would be hard enough to require tanks to demand crowd control, plan and communicate and at least wait for the DPS and the healer to be in range before charging into packs.

Most tanks still seem to be on the clock in normals and clearly on piece work. Kills per hour, baby, kills per hour. Go go go go go go. C’mon keep up! It feels like a month and half is a short time for them all to gear up and become wrath invulnerable. Indeed PuGs being what they are many tanks are still dropping the odd mob or three out of packs and letting the clothies tank for them.

[Tank] You pull it you tank it.
[Ruta] I wasn’t even targeting that one! I was on the skull, the only one you had threat on!
[Mage] The one that killed me was beating on the healer you’re only alive because I aggroed it off him.
[Tank] wha wha wha cry me a river

What annoys me as much as this, I am the tank kick me and wait 45 minutes for my replacement while I insta-join another run, attitude and the speed tanking is the mob skipping! Why are we going to such lengths to skip one pack of four? It would probably be quicker to kill them and now the healer is dead and has to run in…it was definitely quicker to kill them.

[Ruta] Considering their proximity to the boss and the likelihood of arse pulling them during the boss fight we should…he just charged in without a ready check! Do you have mana, I haven’t got mana?
[Ruta] /sigh

[Tank] rez me
[Healer] sec mana
[Tank] LOL
[Healer] Well I had none when you pulled…so
[Tank] nubs
The tank leaves the party, do you wish to queue for a replacement?
[Healer] How does that make us…oh great. Moron.

I’d like to think that heroics separated the tanks from the ‘auction house green shield’ boys. To a degree it does, but this trend is creeping in:

[Tank] OMG
[Tank] Skip this boss?
[Ruta] OK, I got toasted in the flames and he was healed up we killed him three times otherwise. Should we all be on the adds.
[Healer] Everyone else was on the adds, they heal him so they have to die quick.
[Hunter] Oh I wasn’t on them either.
[Tank] FFS
[Ruta] Sorry people, our first time here and you charged in before I could confirm the tactics.
[Tank] Skip this boss?

One wipe and some people want to skip onto the next section of unchallenging trash. I could see an entire instance progressing like this if I am unlucky enough (and I am) to get four of these slackers. One wipe at the final boss and the tanks calls it and other three agree.

[Ruta] C’mon all we’ve done is kill trash we skipped every boss after one wipe!
You are not in a party.

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